Friday, November 18, 2005


No more getting up early and fighting with the kids about brushing their teeth and getting ready for school. YIPPEEEE!

I can relax, the house is clean and I can do some scrapping! Too bad the chappos are going to grandma's this weekend (she's going to Cali) I would really get alot accomplished.

I am so excited. I start a new job on Wednesday. I will be working as a Pharmacy Tech for Walgreens. It only 20-30 hours a week, but I always work around Christmas to make extra money to help out on all the debt we will incur over the

I plan to put my tree up next week! I have already started putting my figurines up. I am so bad! I am going to go to K-Mart this weekend and get some new ornaments for the tree, I love Martha Stewart's ornament line. Everything coordinates so well. My colors are purple and gold and they have some really cool ornaments in those colors this year.

My favorite color is Purple!!!! I am drawn by that color. It means royalty and divinity.

I am taking a Pilates class. I plan to get by the store and get a video, because I felt like such a uncordinated jerk... I could not balance my body on the ball for nothing. I kept rolling off. It was hilarious. i kept apologizing because my ball kept rolling away, knocking other women off their balls. But, I am no quiter. I am going to keep at it! Practice makes perfect. Right?

I am also looking forward to the holidays. I am looking forward to all the great food and mingling with family. I am such a social person. I love to surround myself around people whom I love and respect.

Well, I am loving this blogging thing. I get to express myself in a brand new way. Woohoo


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