Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me..eee! Happy Birthday to me!!! I am 32 today! Wow. It's hard to believe. Where does the time go? I can remember staying up to midnight on my 16th birthday, frantic because I was getting my driver's license the next day. A care free teenager! Fast forward to Now, I am a wife, a mother of 3, and a soon to be homeowner. Wow! It seems like the years go by so quickly. I was so happy. I rec'd tons of phone calls today, from family and friends. My brother even called me and got me a gift! This totally made my day. I love my brother so much and he kinda stays away. We were so close coming up and I wished we were even closer but, that's another story, another blog.

Today, I went out to dinner at Dusties(soul food). You eat free on your birthday! I went out to ARchivers, with my birthday money and bought myself some Birthday presents. Will post pics of all my goodies later. Overall, it was a good day! I even got a get out of chores free card from the kids. NO chores for a full week. That is the best present of all. They cleaned the house spotless for me. Even made my bed!

I have to take Jaree to the doctor's! She keeps complaining about stomach aches and it sounds like she is describing cramps. Lord knows its too early for that, but I was a early bloomer. Try 9years old. She is 7, which is real early, but I hope she just has gas or something. She is so not ready, to take on that responsibility. She can't even keep her legs closed with a skirt on for Pete's sake....praying it's NOT AUNT FLOW....

I did get some pretty good stuff from ARchivers. Let's see, I got the CK Hall of Fame, The 2007 Designing with Calendar, The entire Dapper Line by Fancy pants with matching ribbons and rubons, I got some other papers (I had a 20% coupon off paper), tons of other stuff. I spent way too much money, considering the 3 kits I am getting in a few days from Poppy Ink, Jenni Bowlin, and Scrapologie. Plus I ordered two supplements from scrapologie. I think I really have a problem! I shop more than I scrapbook and that is a problem. I am going to try to stay away from the stores and get some scrapping door. Yeah right! Sounds good, but totally not my style.....LOL

I am going out to dinner and a movie this weekend with hubby. I am going to see the new Texas Chainsaw movie. I am a total horror movie fanatic. Can't wait. The month of October is going to be so good for me. Because the Grudge 2 and Saw 3 are also coming out. I am going to be in HORROR HEAVEN.....LOL

Until next time Dana the 32 year old .....LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dana! I hope it was a special one.

adrienne said...

Happy Birthday girl!! Hope you had a great day!!!!

Vee said...

Happy B-lated Birthday girlie!
sounds like you had an awesome day!

em said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I didn't know it was your birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day!!!

BonnieRose said...

it sounds like u had such a wonderful day... and omg.. sb shopping.. made it even better right gf? lol
I totally am with ya on that one.....I know I have way too much stuff, but I still shop.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a piece of cake for me!

melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! sounds like you bought some yummy new scrapbook goodies-cant wait to see :)

My mom and I are planning on seeing the new Texas Chainsaw movie too this weekend. She is a big horror movie fan.

toya said...

WOW, happy birthday to you, I will have to check back to read what happened on your big day, lots of blessings and best wishes of another properous year for you.
take care