Thursday, October 26, 2006

If I could open a door

If I could open the door it would be a door to my childhood........ Waking up to the smells of my grandmother cooking breakfast and humming.... When my grandmother and all 9 of my aunts and uncles were still here instead of just 3... If I could open a door it would be to a time machine, when my cousin Sean and I could have just one last laugh together, Sean was killed when he was 19 years old. If I could could open a door it would be to my cousin Darcel's room, with her sitting there with her baby smiling and being a good mother to her and her other child Marion, Darcel's life was cut short at 34, she died in childbirth as well as her daughter.....If I could open a door, I would go to my husband's cousin Jasper's house and tell him to stay inside, don't walk up the block to his death, because Jasper was shot to death by one of his so called friend's Alex....If I could open a door it would be to my Aunt Icey's house, listening to my uncle James laugh, and playing "Don't touch your face" with my cousin Patrick, my cousin Patrick was killed for 500 dollars from a so called friend and my uncle James died from Alzheimer's....I would love to open any door that would allow me to spend time with loved one's that I have lost! I would like to open a door that would allow me to meet my grandfather....A man I only know by stories and by pictures I see, but of all the doors I could open, it would be to spend time with my grandmother. Just to sit down and eat dinner with her, to have her show me how to sew, knit, crochet, hear her smell her perfume, to comb her beautiful hair, to watch her attempt to dance or do a jumping jack, because she couldn't do either see her hear voice would reaffirm for me that all would be alright. My grandmother was OUR ROCK. She was our E.F. Hutton, when she spoke everyone listened. She was very wise....very courageous. If I am just half the woman she is I would be alright....If I could have her make me some candied yams, dressing, turkey, ham, pound cake, or peach cobbler...Grandma Tee, could throw down in that kitchen. My mom can cook....BUT GRANNY COULD BURN! If I could just have her make some homemade cream corn....umumum!!! If I could just open ANY DOOR, and have her answer, with nothing but a SMILE, I would be grateful.

I loved my grandmother and I still love her in spirit. I know she is always with me...But, I miss her here with me in Body and Soul! This is for you grandma! Wherever you are I hope you know you are loved and forever will be missed.


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Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Incredibly stirring as always Dana. Your posts are amazingly inspirational. I always find some food for thought at your Cafe.