Wednesday, October 11, 2006

BRRR's cold in here~

Boy is it cold!!! It is dropping down to 30 degrees and we are getting snow flurries tommorrow, can you believe that. Well, I will be under the covers and can you say flannel PJ's. I hate being cold! I have tons of fleece blankets around the house. I hate being cold. When its like this I like to retreat in my house. Was supposed to be going to Windy City scrapbooking today, but its so freaking cold, maybe I will just wait until Friday when it warms back up. Can't believe how cold it is! Well, I went to Borders and look what I got. I went a little overboard with the magazines.....but who can resist reading material, especially when it is scrapbooking related!!! Found the cutest little notebooks too!

This one is too cute it has the cutest little flowers on it, with the cutest flower charms.

Absolutely love this one with the skulls too cute. I think I will journal about my love of horror movies in this one. They were 7.99 a piece, but couldn't resist!

Snapped these pictures of Jaree yesterday. I took down the braids Monday, washed, conditioned and got to tired to blow dry her hair. I let it air dry and put some grease on her hair and brushed it out. It's still a little drawn up, because she has that elastic hair, so she's upset it doesn't look long, but mommy got a little tired. Sorry Jaree!
Jaree would not appreciate me telling this information so we got to keep this between us alright. My baby is getting boobies. That's right, already! She is only 7 years old for pete's sake. What the heck am I going to do. I guess she is going to be like mommy because I started getting boobies at 8 years old. She is excited about going to get her very first training bra! NOOOOOOOO!
Jaree is not like the boys she loves the camera. She is not shy at all. She is such a ham. She is so much like me when I was little it is not even funny. Not only do we look alike, we act so much alike. Her bossiness, her flip mouth, her love of reading and writing, her love of babies and animals, her love to draw and's amazing. She is my little clone!
This girl is too funny. Look at her, she thinks she is so cute! No one can tell this girl any different. I guess we didn't help as we tell her she is beautiful everyday, can't get mad that she knows it! Taking her shopping today for jeans and shirts. She went thru a mega growth spurt and can no longer fit a size 7, she is now in a 10 and all of her jeans are either too short or too tight. A definite NO NO. Her dad is so protective, he gave me 150 dollars to go get her some new gear. Will post what I got later........
Also, Jaree did her very first scrapbook! I got her one of the those Kand Company mini albums. She did an awesome, job. She is a natural and she really enjoys it. She now wants to alter a wooden Letter, with her initial J. This is our project for Friday. Dh dj's Friday nights so that is our mommy and daughter time. We have so much fun too!
Well I am off to get the Dog some food and a new sweater from Pets Mart, its so cold and he is super tiny and don't want him getting cold.
Until next time....


adrienne said...

I WISH Alabama would get some snow! LOL

smkh1117 said...

Snow... Holy cow, it's been HOT here. Infact I have the fan on. Love the scrap mags. Happy reading!

toya said...

it is raining in philly, no snow but we will be getting some soon, I'm sure, Janee is so cute, love her hair, she must have loved doing her first album, gosh, I wished I had started as when I was that young but I didn't even know what scrapbooking was.

em said...

Oooh I Love cute! Jaree is looking cute in her hands on the hips pose!!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

No snow here . . .maybe never! (It hasn't snowed in Bama in years!! It's really pretty depressing!) But it is supposed to get down to like 40 degrees this weekend. I love it!
Oh, I LOVE to get new scrapbooking magazines, hunker down on the couch, get a good drink, and just dive into them!

BonnieRose said...

It sounds like you had such a fun time shopping today.. good for you.. yeah it was cold here too in Mpls.. brrr! Winter is almost here.. great huh? lol You and I are so alike in so many ways... re the whole shopping thing... we'd have a blast together!
I shud plan a trip to chicago.. u near there? lol

Brown English Muffin said...

My step dauther is 9 and we are starting to see "nubs" (as my dh calls them) on her too...what happened to our little girl.

Was I asleep when she grew up!!!