Thursday, October 12, 2006

1 day left until the WEEKEND!!!

...and I am counting down the seconds.....
I look forward to the weekends. We get a chance to slow down around here. No early wake ups, no band practice, no cheerleading practice, no karate practice, no cub scouts or girl scouts......Just a chance to get out and relax.

So, i went to dinner and movie with my husband and his baby cousin Lattaniah. We saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Everyone who knows me, know that I love horror movies. I have been dying to see this movie for months. It was just OK for me.....I don't think I like prequels too much because you know what is going to happen. I was left a little cold from this movie. Not to fret, I still have Saw 3 and the Grudge 2 to look forward too. LOL

It is sooooo freaking cold today. I had to bundle my babies up this morning. Jaree is so funny, such a girl. She did not want to put her hat on because she was afraid it would mess her hair up. Yep, IT'S A GIRL!

Today, don't have much planned. Dh is going to help his uncle move. I will be home cleaning and doing laundry, but what else is new!

I am starting to get serious about handwritten journaling. I went out and bought every pen, I could think of. Also ordered the White Unibal Signo gel pen, from Stampin UP! I am also going to start using more stamps in my scrapbooks. I saw a bunch of cute stamps in stampin up catalog, but I hate unmounted stamps. I just do not feel like cutting out stamps and then mounting them myself. I still have all those fontwerks stamps waiting to be mounted! That is why I love acrylic stamps, you just peel and stick on the glass block. I am going to order some stamps from Catslife press. They have the cutest rubbeer stamps.

I scrap alot in fall and winter. The days are shorter, the nights longer. I tend to retreat to my house when things get cold, so that makes for good scrapping weather. LOL

Still going to Windy City Scrapbooking! DH hasn't decided what day he wants to go, but I have my list ready! CI journalers handbook for Bonnie and I, all the new Antique Medley line(papers and embellishments), Hambly overlays, American Crafts paper, MME Bohemia, new primas, to name a few. Got some left over birthday money that is burning a whole in my pocket.

Tommorrow I am going shopping. YIPee. Clothes, boots, for me! I love jeans and pretty beaded shirts, with stilletto boots. Lots of oversized belts, big hoop earrings, bangle bracelets, and long necklaces. I try to stay fashionable. Also low on my shower gels, so I am taking a trip to bath and body works. Can't wait!

and guess what? It just started snowing!!!
Well, that is all folkes!!
Until next time.....



Brown English Muffin said...

It just started snowing!! WOW!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE my white Signo pen. I'm kinda stuck in a rut and all the hand journaling I do I use that pen for!
I'm such a Scaredy Cat. The commercials for those movies give me nightmares!!!

toya said...

enjoy shopping this weekend, I usually go to the mall once during the week for lunch to see what's up!

BonnieRose said...

woohoo let me know if u find those journalers handbook.. and hey anything else u know I'll like, feel free, up to $40 ok????
surprise me!

Lynn said...

OMG!!! I can't believe that it is snowing there! I don't know what I would do if it starting snowing here in Oct. I would have to
I hope you have a great time this weekend shopping til' you drop, lol.