Monday, October 09, 2006

If I had ....

3 Christmas wishes what would i want?

The first thing I would want is a Digital SLR camera with all the fixings. I want a Cannon Rebel EOS. I wanted one when they first came out, but was not in the budget! If ya kwim. I am starting to really get serious about my photography, so the first step is to get a better camera. I love my little digi camera now, but I want to take GREAT pictures, so I need a better camera.

The second is an all expense paid trip to CKU, with spending money. It is my dream to make it to CKU. I want to go really, really, bad! Are you listening Santa???

My third wish is for 500 dollar shopping spree at the LSS store of my choice. I am not really into the big ticket items like Cricut, huge Xyrons, its the little stuff that wows me, albums, idea books, embellishments, pp papers, and stamps.....

Those are my scrapbook wishes!!!
Here are my 3 non-scrapbook wishes:

I want a new fossil watch (Love fossil watches)
I want this hot Baby Phat bag, anybody that knows me know I love purses and shoes! I have over 300 purses and about twice as many shoes and boots. I get this from my mom!
My third choice is the sharpest Ostrich skin stilletto boots you ever want to see, only problem is they are 1600 buckarroos. I have never seen any boots like them. I love stillettos, because I am only 5feet and that's a
If Santa is nice he can throw in Some Cocunut Lime and Breathe Line from bath and body works. If he really loves me he can throw in some candles from the candle barn......wohoo. I am excited just talking about it. I love to shop! Can you tell!



smkh1117 said...

You and I have would have the same scrapbook Christmas list if I had done the challenge. I have a little CKU bank that DH throws change into. At this rate I will be 104 before I can afford CKU. LOL!

Lynn said...

Dana, I just love both of your lists! I didn't think about a new camera until now. I would love that also. And I can't believe you have over 300 bags! that is alot. Where do you keep everything. I have a little house and no closets so that is impossible for me to do. Hope you get everything on your list.

Tamika said...

Dana I agree 100% about the new camera. I have a film SLR and my pictures turn out good but they could be great with a new camera. I am not usualy much of a shopper but I am getting into it. P.S., who doesn't love a fossil watch.

BonnieRose said...

great wishes ! I will have to put in a good word for you to Santa! winks
300 bags you have got to be kidding!

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your post!! I would definitely go for all of your scrappin' wishes. Give me $500 to my LSS and what FUn I would have!!!
And that coconut lime sounds wonderful!!!!