Monday, October 23, 2006

What a weekend!

Did someone change the date on Christmas and didn't tell me? Well that's what it felt like this weekend!!! My best friend Monica comes by this weekend and drops me off a card in the mail. I wasn't home, but she bought me a card and gave me a $75.oo dollar gift certificate to Target. That was great, because the kids had $25 dollar gift certificates to Target, from school, so we all went to Target. I walk in and BAM this purse caught my eye.....OH MY! Chocolate Brown, lots of embellishments, only 50 bucks. Had to get it!!
Anyone who knows me know that I love purple! Saw the Cutest Purple polka dotted day planner by Franklin Covey, had to get it! Only 7bucks! Also bought these tealight candles. Oh, they smell so heavenly, pluse it matches the decor in my room. Dark mint green and Purple.

Saturday, was SWEETEST DAY. And for me, it was SWEET! Dh came home with this basket from the bath and body works. Does my man not know me. It's Tropical Passion Fruit. Love it....But that's not all folkes! He bought me a $150 dollar gift certificate to ARCHIVERS!!!!!!!!! Not only did he get the GC. He took me to ARchivers and shopped with me. I want to marry this man again!
This is my personal favorite! The cutest little felt flowers by American Crafts....Had to have these~

More stamps! It's Bonnie's fault. I had to have those freaking freestyle letters...LOL Aren't those Monogram stamps to die for! If not for the gc, I would have passed them up, because they are 15 dollars a piece.
I love MM and K-ology. Love those K-ology glittered chipboard letter, deco clips, deco brads, and flower. MM came out with some new gadgets, I am a gadget girl and had to get them. Along with some Christmas brads and ribbons!

OK, ARchiver's 3 doors down from a huge Joann's. Dh went to sport n goods store. I ran in Joann's. I hit the motherload! How come nobdoy ever told me about Nancy's boutiques. Do you not see those chipboard shapes and coasters and with the 40% sale dare is say 5 bucks.
Even got some mags and had to complete my DD series! YOu have to complete the series you know....

Look at those rubons....They look so much like the new fancy pants line
Ok I know I am an addict! I am a sucker for buttons too! Love ribbons and buttons!

Do you see the ribbons with the buckle. The pictures does not do it any justice! Those papers are yummy too!
The mini album is even more adorable!

Ok, so I went into Dollar Tree to get a muffin tin. That's right girls....I am altering one! Found the cutest little notebooks and notecards and pens.....I am a sucker for stationary!
Love those note cards!

So, Jaree and I had Crafty Fridays. I did an altered wood letter. Look at all the bling. The pictures does not do it any justice.
Here it is on my bare walls. I am in the process of moving, but I had to see it hang. Had to get the full affect!

Here is the true Masterpiece. Look at Jaree's creation. She really worked hard!
Look at that proud face and all that paint all over her brand new shirt I just bought....LOL She was so excited!
I did get some other things that made it feel like Christmas. I got the most awesome rak from Bonnie. She is such a sweetheart. She bought me the newest fall scent from Bath and Body works. Pumpkin pie Shower gel!!! Smells so good! The cutest card and some pumpkin spice tea. Isn't she a sweetheart. Plus, I got all 3 of my kits. The Jenni Bowlin kit, The Scrapologie kit, with the Diary supplement, and also my Poppy Ink kit! Will take pics and post later! Blogger is probably going to shut down after all the pictures I uploaded....
Until next time...


BonnieRose said...

wow dana.. can i just say this??? You could shop me under the table any day.. lol I swear.. we love the same things, I got those ornamental rubons fr Joanns too.. got 2 packs of them, I loved them so much, altho I no where near bought as much as you.. I've been more into stuff for my studio lately! Wow.. you had such a fun weekend.. good for you!! wow!!! Such great items.. and I love the D AND THE J you guys made.. turned out so glam! You are welcome for the rak dana.. you know I love ya!
You bought a TON of sb goodies.. good for you.. u deserve it girl! hugs

Heather said...

Holy buckets! You did shop! I love all your finds! I think I might need to look around JoAnn's a bit more when I got to get thread today! And your projects from Crafty Friday are beautiful!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh boy, am I JEALOUS!!! Look at all that amazing stuff! I can't imagine all the goodies I'd buy witha $150 gift card to my favorite scrapbook store.
I do love those new felt flowers. I got me some of them last week and they are so cute!!
I can't wait to see some of the stuff you create with all of this!!
Sounds like your DH is such a sweetie!!!

adrienne said...

GIrl! LOL Enjoy your new goodies!!!!

toya said...


Brown English Muffin said...

Please tell me that it was your birthday and that's not how you spend every weekend!!! LOL

I thought my dh was a keeper but your should be bronzed!!! LOL

God broke the mold after making him.

I hope you have a great time with all the goodies...and save some for your daughter it looks like she's coming up right behind you in her talent!!

Nancy said...

Wow girl! You hit the motherlode! How fun!
~ Nancy

Sherri said...

What FUN! Ok, I convet those stamps! Heck I would just love all of it!!! LOL What a shopping spree! Love your altered letters too.

melissa said...

oh my goodness!! I am drowling just looking at all of your awesome goodies :) I just gotta get me some of those adorable felt flowers

em said... your husband needs to call my mine and tell him to get his act together! Looks like GREAT stuff!!!

Radiogirl said...

really good stuff. Makes me want to get some goodies.

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

OH MY!!!! You could definitely outshop me any day! You found some great things. I love the purse! The letters you and your daughter made turned out great!

Jamillah said...

WOW.....YOu and BonnieRose need to be personal shoppers. You got unique finds. Love that you had to complete the Series on DD books. LOL, That is very sweet for your hubby to lace you up with 150 GC to Archivers. Have fun with all of you luscious goodies...ANd good luck on finding the perfect house and getting that scraproom.

suzanne said...

Wow! Those letters look amazing! Great job! And I'm so drooling over all those fabulous goodies you got. Wow! Have fun with it all!