Sunday, October 01, 2006

A little of this and a little of that!

We had a fun filled Saturday!!! We took Jariel out for his birthday with friends and family to The Golden Corral. We ate ourselves into oblivion! LOL We really had a great time! He had 21 guests! Wow! He got some great gifts and he has more money than mommy does! He was so excited. Look at him and his friend posing. Don't they look tough! LOL

Jariel is such a sweet heart. He is so loving and family oriented. Just like his dad! Can't believe he is 10 already. Boohoo! Look at Jaree with her big brother's hat on. She thinks that she is so cool!
I so love thes pics of the kids. Especially with the 3 of them. Jariel looks as old as Bee on the picture with both of them kneeling down. Wow! Look at my baby boy!

Look at my boys! Aren't they handsome!

Awwww! Look at Bonnie and Clyde aka Jariel and Jaree. Those two fight like cats and dogs, but they are like peanut butter and jelly always together. Look at Jaree's eyes on this picture! Is she working the camera or what? I tell you my husband better get his shot gun ready, because this girl is definitely going to be a boy magnet......LOL If you look really close, you can see that she's missing her two front teeth. I really didn't break my promise to her, she just forgot not to smile.....LOL Jariel really enjoyed hisself. I couldn't be more happy! He is such a big boy! He made sure that he talked to everyone there. He's got the mingling thing down pat! It seems like my kids are growing up way to fast, but hey, that's life. I wished they could stay babies forever, but that is not a reality of life. My greatest joy in life is being MOMMY to those 3 sweet babies of mine. I love them to no end. I am truly BLESSED, that God chose me to be mother to my three children. They are but babies for a very short while, that is why I cherish every moment with them. Each second is precious, irreplaceable time. Time you can't get back, so I make the best of each day. I LOVE MY CHILDREN MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF! But, I am sure you other mom's can relate to what I am saying! Didn't mean to get all mushy, but that was what was on heart and I felt the need to express it!

Well, guys I am going to be 32 in 3 days.....
Where does the time go? I can remember being a child myself, now I have 3 of my own. Who would have thunk it? LOL I don't have many plans for my birthday, probably dinner with family and friends. Alot has changed since my twenties. 29 was really hard for me, turning 3o was devastating to me. Flash forward to now.....I am a lot more mature mentally. My twenties were full of drama. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. I learned what things were truly important! Just like my grandfather says "The only way not to get OLD, is to die YOUNG!" Minimal words, but so true. I learned to be thankful and appreciative that God has blessed me with another year to enjoy life with my parents, my children, my siblings. Age is truly only a number. I am content with my life and that is all that matters! So this October 4th is going to be a day of Celebration and appreciation of life!

Today's challenge was "What is your favorite restaurant", Wow, that is hard, because we go out to eat all the time in this family. If I had to chooose I would have to choose two. Sorry My first is The House of Kobe, it is a Tai restaurant. They cook the food right in front of you and it is truly entertaining. The kids love it! They do all sort of neat tricks with the food and allow you to participate. The food is delicious. I always get someting called the Land and Sea, its filet mignon and shrimp, with fried rice and vegatables including bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, zucchini , and more. They cook it all together and it comes with ginger sauce ....OH MY GOODNESS, it is sooooooo GOOD! My second favorite restaurant is PAPPEDEUX'S everything on the menu is good. I love the crab cakes and shrimp fondue......think I am going there for my So there you have it! In a nutshell I love to

Today I am going to kick me feet up and relax I am going to my mom's house for dinner later,but right now I am chilling....

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Anonymous said...

Dana your kids are just gorgeous! I turn 32 this year also, in December! I celebrate each birthday and view each year as a blessing because God doesn't promise us tomorrow! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend.

BonnieRose said...

THE HOUSE OF KOBE sounds likesometing I wud just love.. yummy! your kids are so precious Dana... so precious...!!

melissa said...

great pictures of your kids, it sounds like your DS had a great birthday :)

your fav. restaurants sound awesome and yummmy

Vee said...

looks like fun time!
beautiful family! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your post today!!
Your family is adorable. And that Jariel just sounds like such a sweet boy. Isn't that a blessing??
I LOVE Thai food, so that restaurant sounds super yummy!

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your post today!!
Your family is adorable. And that Jariel just sounds like such a sweet boy. Isn't that a blessing??
I LOVE Thai food, so that restaurant sounds super yummy!

toya said...

girl, you got some beautiful kids, and those photos are awesome, I love photos, were you can just look and smile because you know the people are being themselves,, no fakeness at all.
love that
and big b'day wished to your son.

Sofia said...

Great pictures! :-)

Happy birthday!