Thursday, October 12, 2006

Challenges I face as a scrapbooker

One of the biggest challenges I face as a scrapbooker is SPACE! I don't have a scrapbook room. My townhouse is not big and I have to scrap in my room, even my I get frustrated sometimes, and don't get to scrap how I would like to because I don't have the Space. I hope to rectify this situation soon, when we get our new home. I already told the boys that they might have to still share rooms so that I can get my scrapbook studio, that is of course if the room is large enough! They all sleep in one room anyways. Jaree has slept in her room maybe 3 times. She starts in her room in either ends up in my bed or at the foot of Jari's bed!

Another challenge I face is time. I am a stay at home mom, but I have lots to do! Cleaning, cooking, laundry, don't want dh to think I sit on my butt all day and indulge in scrapbooking while he's working hard at work. I normally scrap when he's djjing! He likes that!

Another challenge I have is my spending habits. I SHOP way more than I CROP! I have to have all the LATEST and the GREATEST!!! I spend so much money and I have to be honest, most of the stuff is sitting unused in my room! I am like a kid in a candy store, when it comes to scrapbook shopping. I have to have it all. If its pretty and neat! Dana is definitely buying it. I have to really get a grip on that....

Another challenge I face is what to scrap! I often feel like my pictures don't loook good enough or it doesn't quite convey the message that I want to get across. KWIM? I want to start to focus on taking better pictures.

I also tend to scrap more about my daughter than any one else. It is so fun scrapping girly type layouts. I think I also need to include myself more in my albums! I just have a problem with my self image. I don't like how I look in pictures anymore. I put on quite a few pounds over the year and I have learned how to angle my face just right not to reveal my double chin....but that's not always on my mind when I take pictures, so when I get them back I think to myself UGGGHH! But, I need to start including myself more in my albums. Generations to come need to know who the lady was behind the camera right???

However, I do think I am a great scrapper. I get compliments on my scrapping all the time. I am good at putting it all together! I love to look at my albums. I smile like a child who has just finished painting a picture for the first time....I love to look at my creations. After all, this is greatest hobby on this earth...

Bonnie, you come up with the most thought provoking challenges! this was a good one.



Marcia said...

Good answers! And I am SO with you on shopping and collecting! ;D oh, and cute kids, btw!

Bonnie Rose said...

THKS Dana.. and hey, I loved your answers.. and re the shopping thing.. I am so with ya on that one.. I don't think I spend near as much $$ as you, as I am a great bargain hunter, but i still buy lots I don't need.. u know?
ur right if it's bright and pretty.. just gotta have it! hugs