Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things that put me in a good mood

I am normally always in a good mood. But there are those days....LOL.10 things that are guaranteed to put me in a good mood are:
1. Hugs from my husband, amongst other thing (insert devilish grin)

2. Kisses from my children, hearing their laughter
3. The feeling I feel after leaving church
4. Being around my family and friends
5. Shopping
6. Going to my favorite restaurant
7. Talking to my mom
8. Scrapbooking (I smile all the way through)
9. Looking thru my scrapbooks
10. Junk Food



em said...

This is a great list...I would have to say everything on your list (except the kids...none for me, yet) makes me smile too :)

Shannon Schafer said...

Great list! It is great reading everyone's lists...although it reminds me of stuff that should have been on my list too! :)

SuzieG said...

I love your list! Terri

Lori said...

Great list. Shopping and Scraping are popping up as a common theme.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ROFLOL! Love the list!!!!!

BonnieRose said...

I loved all your things you wrote down.. especially the junk food.. I can be such a junk food junkie some days! ha!

Renee said...

Great List. I might have to do this later.

Bonzairn said...

3,8,9, 10 LOL ditto girlfriend!!!!!

Maggie said...

Oh my u n I can be twins on those answers.

Missy said...

Totally agree with you on the junk food one!! If I'm in a bad mood, it's guaranteed to cheer me up!!