Friday, March 10, 2006

My dream car!

Wow, I am what they call an official CAR BOOTY...I am one chick who knows their cars. I love going to the auto show and car shows. I guess I got this from my older brother. If I could choose four cars my first pick would be The Chrysler 300 M! Woo. That care is so sweet. Has the Bentley grill without the Bentley price. I would choose a Candy Apple Red, chromed inside, 4 tv's, 22 inch rims, leather interior. My ride would be so sick!!!

My second choice would be the new Q45 Infiniti, in black! Woohoo. I would have it sitting on dubs or (20 inch rims) V8 engine, 280 horsepower, wooooooo! I would own the e-way....

My 3rd choice would be an all chrome Hummer H3. I am 5'1 and trucks make me feel so tall! My uncle has one, and he let me drive it to Atlanta. I thought I was big $hit! Lol

My 4th choice is the new Convertable Mercedes S550, with the blue oval headlights! Can you imagine all the heads I would turn in this litle baby. I get sick imagining it. Love this car!

Last but definitely not least, is the FERRARI 360 SPIDER! Three words FAST AS HELL! I have a heavy foot and am quite the little speed demon. My brother taught me all the tricks, how to do donuts in rear wheel as well as front wheel drive, 360's, suicides.....catch me if you can can in this baby!

Well, ladies, you may now know my weakness. I love cars! Always have! Plan to own atleast 2 of these babies, before I meet my maker. This would make an awesome scrapbook page in an all about me album.

The cars we have now are nothing like the cars I named! We have 03'Toyota Camry and 04 Chrysler Town and Country Mini van.....hehe!

A girl can dream, huh!



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

WHOOOO!! NICE!!! I LOVE IT! I want a 2007 Tahoe! LOL

Oh, and the paper is made by Bazzill! Email me!

Hillary said...

You would look great in that Chrysler!!!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Nice ride Dana! You would look like a true diva in that car!

BonnieRose said...

loved what you shared.. you are gonna be one hot mama when those cars are in your driveway..believe it baby!