Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last minute person

This one is all about PROCRASTINATION. What do you wait for the very last minute, to do??? Do you do this often? Can you figure out why? Have you always been this way? Does it drive other members of your family/friends crazy?

Procrastination is my middle name. It seems that I always wait to the last minute to do everything. I wait to the last minute for birthday gifts. I wait to very last minute to clean. Especially around the holidays. I always plan these elaborate schedules.....and never stick to them. Everyone wants their house spic and span, especially around the holidays, and I am always dogg tired, because I am cleaning the night before.

My husband is always mad, because I wait to the last minute to get dressed, when we are going out. I almost always have to stop by the shoe store, clothing store, or beauty supply to pick something up last minute. He totally hates that. It drives him nuts!

I have been this way since I can remember. I can remember waiting to the very last minute to do homework, science fair projects, you name it....I waited to the very last minute]

This was a pain in college. I don't know how many times I waited to the last minute to do a paper. I was in the computer lab, the day the paper was due, most times, cutting another class, to type a 15 page paper out. Thank God, I am a fast typer....lol

My dad says, the only thing I will ever be on time for is my FUNERAL....lol

It has been my new year's resolution to change this for many years, but I guess it is just a part of who I am...



Andi said...

I've often vowed to try and curb my procrastination, but I think I've finally resolved myself to the inevitable. It's such a pain now that I'm in graduate school...but I guess there are worse things!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

I too am the Queen of Procrastination! I battle procrastination all the time.

BonnieRose said...

hey gf, you are YOU. be proud of who you are.... procrastination isn't such a bad thing, u know??

Adrienne said...

I feel ya!!! Check out my new blog!!!

Michelle W. said...

oh I know what you mean. Except my husband and daughter is even worse than I am. lol. So that makes me feel a little better