Saturday, March 04, 2006

The meaning of FRIENDSHIP

*** What does friendship mean to you?? List your top 5-10 character traits/qualities that you look for in a potential FRIEND ... and why you feel these are important. ***

They say that is a blessing just to have one friendship in your lifetime. I am blessed many times over. I have so many people who I consider friends. I have some really great friends, some thatI have only known a short while and some who I have known my entire life... My very best friend is a girl named LaMonica, we have been friends for 29yrs and I am only 31. She has been my friend so long she is like my sister, she is my sister. I love her to death. Friendships like these only happen once in a lifetime. A friend to me, is someone who has your back, NO MATTER WHAT? A friend is someone who you can tell all your innermost secrets too. A friend is someone who shares your interests and passion in life....A friend is someone who can tell you "you look a mess", and you not get angry or offended by it. A friend is someone who understands who you are, and does not judge you... A friend is someone who will come and get you at 2am, because a good date turned bad.. A friend is a shoulder to cry on.... A friend is bright light at your darkess hour..... A friend is someone you can depend on and trust... A friend is someone will always be there when in need... A friend is someone who will never let anyone or anything stand in the way of their friendship....

I have tons of friends and consider myself to be a great friend too. It's nothing I wouldn't do for my friends. I have even went on STAKEOUTS with my friends, you know "trying to catch your boyfriend in the act, stakeouts). I have been in the delivery room, watching some of my friend bring their children in the world. I have been there for their tragedies and their triumphs ...Their high and their lows... The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a ride or die type of friend! I have some ride or die girlfriends, who are down for me no matter what. That is a good feeling!



BonnieRose said...

dANA, you are so blessed to have so many good friends in your life... u deserve them... cuz u are such a wonderful person urself.... you know it!

Ti said...

your entry is right on the money! especially the stakeout part. But your right it's about being blessed.

Michelle W. said...

Wow! Love this post. Friends are something I don't think anyone could live without!