Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Had a great time yesterday

What a treat! Not only did my parents come over for dinner, but the kids put on a great play for me. They did a skit about "what would the world be like without African Americans". My son went in the kitchen and looked around and said "Where's the refrigerator?", well there was no refrigerator because an AA invented the fridge.... my daughter was in the bathroom looking everywhere for a comb and brush, her hair was a mess, and she couldn't find it because an AA invented the comb and son had water all over his face and was fanning really hard, he was hot, he went to go turn on the Air conditioner and there wasn't one because an AA invented the air conditioner, but the treat of the night was my dad..."He started holding his heart (like Redd and he layed out on the couch and died, because he needed open heart surgery and the first open heart surgery was performed by an African American dead had a quadruple bypass 3 years ago and this was very emotional for me...My mom helped them out with the skit. She so, should have been a teacher. My mom gave the boys books about black inventors, and they were in awe of all of the things that were contributed to the world by people who look just like they look....IT WAS AWESOME!

I ate myself into a coma. Mom made Sweet Potato Pie (my favorite) and I made a Sour Creme Pound Cake, plus dinner. We had a great time and I even got a chance to go to Michaels and Archivers, because dad needed a book from Borders.....Awesome day!



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Sounds WONDERFUL!!!! Im glad you all had a great time!

BonnieRose said...

sounds like u had one awesome nite... plus sb shopping.... way to go! and all that food sounds soooo yummy!

Laura C said...

That play sounds awesome, tell you kids they taught a lady in Oregon some new things - I had no idea who invented any of those things. I learned something new today! :)
The food sounds scrumptious too.