Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Silly questions

. Would you rather wake up and find you can ONLY tell the absolute truth OR only lies? I would love to wake up and tell NOTHING but Lies....because if I told the truth all the time, there would be alot of hurt people out there. For instance, when my daughter asks me how she did on one of her art projects, and I say its UGLY AS ALL GET OUT....I would totally hurt her Explain your answer if you wanna.

2. Would you go out to dinner with a convicted serial killer OR American Idol judge Simon Cowell? Elaborate if you wanna. A serial killer, because 5 minutes with Cowell, and I would kill him...

3. Would you gargle with mint listerine mouthwash before every meal OR lick a lime before every bite? Lick a lime, mouth wash totally ruins the taste of food. Plus, I love eating sour

That was totally fun!



ladybug320 said...

WOW! Dana we had the same reply to the Simon Question.

Karen said...

I like your answers- did you notice most people said they'd like to tell the truth all the time?