Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spending habits for scrapbooking!

How much do you normally spend in a scrapbooking store? How often do you normally shop in a store? Or are you an online shopping?

What can I say, I am a total binge shopper. I live in the scrapbook stores. I am always ordering supplies online, qvc, ebay, you name it. I think I am one of those people who is more in love with scrapbook shopping than actually scrapbooking.

On average, I am in a scrapbook related store atleast 3 times a week. Atleast! I spend anywhere from 100-500 dollars monthly on scrapbooking supplies. Not to mention my various clubs that I am in, like Jenni Bowlin, Poppy Ink or Scrapologie. Sometimes I spend more. If qvc is on forget about it. I have spent over 500 dollars in one single showing!

I am so vulnerable when it comes to scrapping goodies. Anything new and cute, watchout because I have to have it.

Idea books are one of the big expenses and I am constantly on the prowl for new reading material.

I sometimes feel bad, at all the money I spend on scrapbooking. I think, this could have put a homeless person back on track for a couple of years, but is something that I love! It is something I enjoy. The feeling I feel when I am in a scrapbookstore browsing, buying, and coming home with my goodies is too much to put into words. It's a total stress buster. Would not trade this hobby for all the tea in China.

Love, Love, Love shopping for new scrapgoodies whether its online or at Archiver's I am always shopping.



tracie said...

Wow Dana.. you love to shop for scrapping supplies. I have never online shopped. I am scared that once I start I will find it way to easy to just keep doing it over and over and over again.

have a great day

ingrid said...

ROFL, homeless people or scrappin'. It's a tough decision, huh?

Monica said...

Wowza! You are one shoppin' gal! I can't resist a good idea book either.

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

My gosh! I thought I had a problem with shopping. you've got me beat! I love books too.

ladybug320 said...

WOW! I feel thes same way, if it new and cute I have to have it... really enjoyed you blog always do.. great work.. thanks...

Adrienne said...

You got me beat!!! WOW!!!!

BonnieRose said...

wow gf, that's alot of $$ per month.. u are blessed to have that to spend!
I can dream.... and live vicariously through you... I spend $20, and I feel I have to justify that to my hubby, and I feel guilty.. so much great stuff out there, I want it all, but we just don't have $.. you are blessed to have the $ to do it!
good for you!