Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's snowing....ugh!!!

We just got home from Home Depot and Swap-o-Rama (huge flea market) and I am so mad, because it is snowing pretty hard. I hate driving in the SNOW! I don't drive in Snow or Heavy Rain. I got into a pretty bad accident, when I was pregnant with my son Jariel and it was raining really hard and someone slid and slammed right into the back of us.....I thought i was going to give birth right there. I have really bad flashbacks of that accident and my back was injured pretty bad. I still have spasms. I am really NERVOUS, when people pull up behind me, and I constantly look in my mirror to see if they are going to stop.

I really wanted to go to Borders! I love going there to read. I love the atmosphere. I always get a cappuchino and a cookie and I sit in my love seat and read, read, read. I am a total nerd aren't I??? I have always been a bookworm. Even before I could read. It something about books that CONSUME me. My hubby hates when I read, because I tune the rest of the world out....Kinda how he tunes me out when he is DJ'ing or playing his new XBOX 360. I hate video games! LOL He's up all hours of the night playing, and expects me to just roll over...yeah right! Are you kidding me dude?

I hope it slows up. I atleast want to see what books I want? Buy a brand new journal (an addiction of mine0, and cute little book marker....I will be so mad, if it does not slow down. We are going to dinner at 5pm and it's already two. I need atleast an hour to get ready. Ugh! Why did it have to snow today.

Even if I did want to attempt to drive, dh is so not letting me leave the house. He is so freaking protective. Gets on my nerves sometimes. I tell him all the time, I have on DADDY, and I don't need

Well, I guess I can be content with scrapping and cruising on twopeas, but I sure want my cappuchino and


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Wife2TJ said...

I love snow. I never get to see it anymore since we moved to NC. If it was snowing now i'd be curled up with a blanket, cup of hot cocoa, and lifetime movie network. lol!