Monday, March 30, 2009

the whole reason of my absence! LOL

But first, Let's talk 80's Jaree had a 80's party at her school and I chapperoned and the hubs was the deejay! It was so fun, so much so that we are planning an 80's party for ourselves over the summer. We've done the 70's, and even the 90's, BUT NEVER THE 80'S!!! CAN' T WAIT! HERE ARE A FEW PICS FROM THE PARTY:


that one dimple drives me crazy. So sexy! Anyway he was jamming! LOL

It's Madonna, no it's just Mrs. Greggus!
Everyone likes to take pics except for JAREE! LOL

Jaree and buddy LaLa
Jaree and Sky! Love the pink hair. LOL
Jaree didn't want to keep those gloves on! LOL
Jaree getting ticked off because I kept stopping her to take pics! LOL

But when she got home she was full of poses and guess what? my camera battery died. O well! LOL

So if you were wondering where I have been:

That's right I have been scrapping like a maniac!!!!!

But I have also been working feverishly in this:

It sucks me in. Can't seem to think about anything else. LOL

Here are my latest entries!

The pictures really doesn't do it any justice, but I have been having so much fun working in it!!!!!!! Plan on working in it some more today!!!!

Also just started another project, so I am what I call "A SCRAPPING FOOL" right now!

I have also been Facebooking and Twittering, which has taken me away from my blog! But I promise to blog more and keep in contact with my blog family!

Until next time!!!!!!


*Monica* said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun time. I dressed up in 80's for Halloween & had so many comments =) Love your layouts & mini book. They're absolutely gorgeous!

Bree Stanley said...

Hey! I found u through sis....that loves mini is totally amazing!!!!

kitten91303 said...

I love your stuff and that party looks like way too much fun!!!

KarenSue said...

great pics and the black and white, when she relaxed and posed for ya...what a time to run out of batteries!

Adrienne said...

Looks like they had fun! you have been busy scrapping!

toni said...

Alright for the scrapping mojo! The splatter paint effect is very 80's too. Love it.
Oh, and those of us w/ one dimple are very sexy!! LOL
(My mother said it was because we couldn't afford 2!)

Sharon said...

I'm envious of how productive you are - you must feel great getting so much done!

Vee said...

love jaree's outfit, those pink suspenders are too cute!!! I love your pages and mini, yeah fb and twitter is like the new blog :)