Sunday, March 08, 2009

More daylight hours means...


That means we are getting more and more close to SPRING...
I can plant my flowers, work on my garden, and spend more time OUTSIDE.

I am truly an OUTSIDE person.
I hate being COOPED up in the house!
That is NOT ME!!

I like to take walks not for healthy reasons, just to walk and enjoy NATURE....
I am an EXPLORER at heart..

I love Fresh Air....
I like opening all the windows and smelling that spring air! I can almost smell it..

I love the smell of rain!
I love the smell of fresh cut grass!

I love the smell of flowers blooming!
It just makes me happy!!!!

I love being able to play hopscotch with Jaree , or hoola hoop, or play double dutch ( I can jump my butt off), chineese jumproap, playing with sidewalk chalks..

Playing Horse with the boys...
Playing softball and piggy...

I love it !!!
Any type of heatwave, you BEST BELIEVE I am outside, even if I am sitting in my lawn chairs.

I am more creative too! LOL
I love taking my kids to the park, the zoo, milleniun park, downtown chicago just to walk around....

Those days are soon here!!!
I can feel it!!

I cannot wait!
I was so sick these last couple of days .....I don't know what I had, but i Had stuff coming out of both ends (TMI), awful stomach cramps, a bad headache, a fever. and muscle stiffness. It was like stomach flu mixed with the flu. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I was SHUT DOWN!

It got a little better yesterday, but later at night I started feeling NAUSEOUS, yet again. I had to hurry up and lay down.

This morning i feel better, but i have not eaten anything in 3 days, I am STARVING, but I am scared to eat...

I did get a chance to work on that Martha Bonneua altered book class. I totally freaked it and put my own edge on it! I did do the cover the same, just changed the word from ideas to loves!!! The guts I chose to do MY WAY!!!! LOL I am so happy with how its coming out! This is rare. I always criticize my own work, but for some reason NOT WITH this altered book. I just can not stop. I think I have found my niche. Now that I know how to do this. It is something I want to do again! It was so fun ripping a book a part and putting it back together ... I love to alter things, so this was right ON TIME. I will be running to every thrift store imaginable and getting books that I can alter!!!!! I will take pics and show you what I have done so far!

I am way excited!!!!!! I was so mad at my body because I got sick, while scrapping and was trying to fight it off because I wanted to continue ...but my body said "bytch lay your ass down" and that is what I did!!LOL

It felt good to blog today!

This is my form of cheap therapy! LOL

Until next time...................

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Adrienne said...

Feel better girl! It's almost spring! LOL