Thursday, March 05, 2009

My head is spinning!

This whole week has been a blur!
We burried my cousin on Monday...

and everything after that has just been one big blur!
I am honestly doing ok... I think?
Some days are better than others.

I know when I am feeling better because I can concentrate and function!
When I am down, I can't do anything BUT SLEEP!!!!

I have been able to clean up, take care of the house, watch television, and read.....

All things I can't do when I am depressed!

I am so disappointed that I have not started in my art journal.
I really wanted to get going on this ....

Just so much has happened,kwim?

I even want to get started on that Martha B. class!!!! Just have not had the time or MOJO, kwim?

You can't force MOJO?
Atleaast, I can't. It has to flow for me!!!!

Hoping to get back into the swing of things!!!!! soon! for real, I mean for reals for reals!

Jaree is sick, which puts the entire house on RED ALERT, anytime she gets sick she is prone for seizures. I try soooo hard to keep this girl well! I mean really. I am the bleach queen and lysol queen, and it has been awhile since she has gotten sick, and BOOM!!!! She has a temp of 103, sweats , chills, body aches, headache, soar throat, and tummy ache.

She is so my child. When she gets sick. SHE GETS SICK! I am the same way! That is why I try my best to keep healthy!!!

She is home! In bed and getting the royal treatment!!! and loving every minute!!!

Hoping she gets better soon, because I want to get out and about!

I did order some glimmer mist and tim holtz spray inks. I have become addicted!!! I was kind of bummed because they are expensive! I almost said forget it. LOL But I figured I can use them for both scrapbooking and my art journal. LOL

I had a $5.oo off coupon for orders $50 through and that is where I ordered them. I also got an order coming in from Justletmescrapbook 50% off entire order! Yes you heard right! I got tons of Jenni Bowlin and the cutest owl stamp and other stuff! LOL

I want to scrap so bad! Just don't have the mojo! LOL


The Insatiable One said...

I hope baby girl gets over that nasty cold soon.

Dalayney's Doodles said...

So sorry about your loss. And wow! You got some deals there~ :)