Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Healing Process

Most of you know I lost my cousin on February 11th....
He was 39 years old, and he left 5 beautiful children and a lovely wife...

We had his homegoing on his 40th birthday, which was March 1st.

It was a beautiful service. WE HAD CHURCH! do you hear me!!!

Yes, we are devastated and we will miss Junior, but he is in a better place. He doesn't have to worry about dialysis, medicine, doctors appointments, surgeries.......
He doesn't have to suffer.
No more insulin.....

My cousin was a TROOPER.
He never complained!!!!
He lived life to the the fullest!!

He did everything in extremes....

He loved you to the extreme!
He had your back to the extreme! I don't know how many people he was going to "pop" because of me........LOL
Yes he was protective!

He dressed to the extreme! His hat had to match his shoes, and his clothes had to be ironed like the cleaners put those creases in his pants! The boy stayed FRESH!

If he cussed your ass out, it was to the extreme.
In other WORDS you wasn't winning NO ARGUMENTS with Junior!!! LOL

Junior was funny as hell! HE kept you laughing, but moreover, he kept it REAL.
He didn't sugar coat SHIT!!!!!

We were close as hell!! I loved him like a brother and I will miss him so much!

My uncle Jay, did a video tribute that was 30 minutes long from his birth on up until his last days....
It wasn't a dry eye is the sanctuary.

That boy was loved! It was packed.

At one point I completely lost it, I mean I lost it, and Baptiste had to help me out!
But over all, I did well!!!

I didn't get out at the burial, I couldn't! My feet would not move. I didn't want to see them put him in the ground! That was too much!!!

His kids took it hard and so did Auntie Joyce! It got pretty bad in there at times, when I left I had the most God awful headache.

They had two separate repasts!!!
I am not even going to get into that BS.

So I attended both!

Got home late, watched his video and bawled hysterically again.
Went to the burial and then the whole family went to golden corral.

Chilled with the cousins for awhile. A long while, they didn't leave my house until after 3 in the morning. YOu know how it is. We were lit up! We got scummy drunk! LOL

and I don't even drink like that! But we reminised, talked about the good times, cried so more and then I told they ass to either get out or get some cover, cuz I was going to bed.

Slept most of the day away yesterday. The morning was rough, but I am getting better!

Taking it slow! One day at a time!
Baptiste has been wonderful!!! I mean a GOD-SEND.!!!

I love this man!

Mojo has left the building! I wanna scrap, but am not feeling like doing much these days...

My bed is my best friend right now..... LOL


The Insatiable One said...

You and your family are in my prayers. I'm sure you cousin is smiling down on you and telling you he's ok.

BonnieRose said...

take the time u need. Sometimes, we all need to just rest.

Adrienne said...

Take your time and heal!