Monday, March 16, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

This is the face of a happy kid! When mom says hell to the naw, I won't buy you a 1,000 dollar laptop, ask Grandpa! LOL My dad is something else. He spoils his grandkids rotten!!!!

Look at Jariel, he's probably thinking can't wait until it's my turn!
Spent some time with this jazzy lady on Sunday. She took Jaree for some girly time for the weekend, church, dinner, shopping that kind of stuff. Jaree came home with new earrings, new bracelet and new necklace! Gotta love my mom!

She uses that thing more than I do!

Can you believe my mom will be 65 yrs. old next month!!!

Ok, so you know I have become addicted to spray inks!!!!! I heard that the Tim Holtz spray ink was the best, can't wait to play. And this stuff is not cheap. DAng!
Figured since I was playing with spray inks, I might as well get some ink pads for my stamps. You can never hace enough. Love the colors. First time ordering from ScrapnStamp. They shipped my order very promptly!

So, the weather is getting warmer and that means.....
I am doing an outdoor photo shoot with Jaree......

This is my favorite shot!

and then we take it indoors.....

A MESS!!!!!!!!!! She is getting so big and blosomming so fast! She is only 9!!!! She is 5 feet tall, 115 lbs, a size 3/4 in WOMEN'S clothing and I my friends am crying. She is getting so big, so fast that it scares me. I mean this girl has a FIGURE! SHE'S NINE! Baptiste says he has the shot gun loaded and ready.....LOL

That's all folkes..

Oh, Baptiste is doing ok! Except he got dry socket on the left side! Poor baby!!!!


Monica said...

i love jaree up against that red wall!! she is so definitely need to keep that shot gun close lol.
I've never tried those spray inks..though i am intrigued by the glimmer mist ones.
you'll have to post what you do with them!

Lida said...

Great pictures of your daughter and your sons looks so happy with their new laptop!
Can´t wait to try spray inks!

Suz said...


Vee said...

your children are gorgeous!!! I have the yellow, blue and green of the spray inks, lol I want that purple one, see you got that one, love tim's products!!! I am so glad we are having a taste of spring now too! :)

Staci said...

That's scary D! I am the same height and weight as your daughter. They grow up way too fast!

Staci said...

Had to add that she's adorable!