Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have become addicted to.....

spraying inks. I got some glimmer mist! Heard great things!!!! I wanted to try Maya Road, so I only got one. I ended up liking the Maya road spray ink better! Go figure. Glimmer mist is more watery and does not give that splashing effect. It's more of an overall coverage type mist. I still like it don't get me wrong, but I have some Tim Holtz inks on the way as we speak! Heard great things about it from Vee!

You know I am the coupon queen and Justletmescrapbook had 50% off sale and I could not let that go to waste, so I got this!!! It's sad when you try to find something to buy and realize you have just about EVERYTHING there is.....Well I didn't have this! LOL
This is my new best friend. Meet Owie!!! He is too cute. We are going to have a lot of fun together. I love rubberstamps. and I like whimsical owls and birds so I thought this would be a great addition to my ever growing rubberstamp collection. It is made by Hero Arts!!!!!

So, like I said I have become so enthralled and consumed by this altered book, there has been no time for pretty much anything else. I still need to finish Eclipse. I need to work on some submission call layouts, that are due soon, I have some laundry piling up, i have 5 movies that I bought, that are just waiting to be watched, I have about 23 magazines I need to read....

You get the picture!!!!!

Now who watched Idol last night! Omg! I stand corrected, I originally said that this show was going to suck! I am eating my words because it was so good last night. I have some favs. Lil Rounds, the 16 year old girl with the red hair, and the guy who sang Human Nature!!!! I don't know all there names!! I think everyone did well last night! Some better than others, but it was a great show!!!!

Now I love this show called THE BAD GIRLS club and I don't know why because it makes my blood boil everytime I watch it!!! I am so glad that Whitney and Aliea are off the show. They needed to go! What they did to Cookie was so wrong. I am glad that Tiffany realized that she was INDEED being a follower, with that DUMD FAB FIVE shit. I mean, are you in high school or what. I have NEVER been part of A MEAN GIRL CLIQUE, I was very, very, very POPULAR in high school, Poms, softball, student council, you name it! And I never SHIT on anyone! I am glad my MOM raised me to TREAT people the way YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! Now if you crossed me, that was a DIFFRENT story. People learned very fast NOT TO MESS WITH ME! LOL I don't play! LOL

Getting back to BGC, I am already sick of the new girl Ashley, she's a slut and a follower and I wished she would be gone too. I hope they bring KC back!!!!! I wonder who the 2 new girls will be!!!

Yes, I love reality Tv!

Can't wait for the results show tonight on Idol! Who do you think is going home??? I say Anoop and the young 17 year old girl! I don't know names. Sorry!

I am so psyched that a new episode of SUPERNATURAL is coming on Tommorow! I will be glued in front of the tv...I need a Dean and Sam fix!!!!! LOL

I think I have rambled on long enough.....

Until next time!!!!!!!


Denise said...

I will have to try the Maya Road sprays...I love Glimmer Mists but I agree, very watery...

Hero Arts rock and I LOVE their owls! Too cute.

The Insatiable One said...

Girl you sound all hyper in this post. LOL

I tried to get into BGC but I couldn't. I'm addicted to the Rupaul Drag Race show instead. LOL My mom and I stay on the phone the entire show talking about the queens. I love it!

You and this scrapping. You have really inspired me to create a scrapbook about my son and my upcoming trip to Vegas in November. The one I'm going to do for my Paris trip will be FREAKING AWESOME!

Vee said...

girl......i am so happy Whitney and Aleia got the boot, those skanks!!!! A just made my blood boil! I do love the TH inks!!! I want to try the Maya Mist though as well :)