Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wild and crazy day....

Today was overall a good day! Except my cat keeps running away. I swear the neighbors are going to think I am torturing the poor thing. As soon as we open the door he bolts out. He is wearing me out. I am starting to rethink the whole cat thing... Maybe he wants to be an outdoor cat, in that case I will feed him, but he could never live inside the house. DD has tooo many allergies for that.

Other than that the day was great. Took kids to the park. We had tacos for dinner! Getting ready to get them ready for bed. Tommorrow is crazy hair day at school. So I have to do something with their hair. I will post the crazy hair pics


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Adrienne said...

Now that is a neat idea! Crazy hair day! Too cute! Can't wait to see those pics!