Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My summer plans

Wow! Can't believe that summer is almost here. This is my second favorite season of the year. My favorite is fall! Summer is a time that we do alot as a family. Beside vacations, we do alot over the summer. This year we are going to the Dells and Cedar Point! We always pick two vacations and then we allow the kids to come up with 10 places they would like to go over the summer. We try to do all 10. Most times we are successful. One of the things I look forward to the most is the fourth of July. I love the fireworks! My kids do too! We also love the waterparks, swimming, the zoo, the beach, picnics. We do alot over the summer. This year the children picked the zoo, waterpark in Rockford, IL, picnic at the beach, Shedd Aquarium, four wheeling up in the country with cousins, camping, just to name a few. My husband gets 30 days vacation. We usually take 3 ten day vacations, so we plan alot during those days.

I love summer, becaue I associate the good smells! The smell of watermelon and fresh flowers in the garden. I get to sleep in a little because the kids are out of school! I associate summer with fun! We always have a great time over the summer! It is the kids absolute favorite time of the year. We live at the pool. I have 3 little fish. I must admit, I am a great swimmer too! I love the water. We spend atleast 5 out 7 days at the pool.

Another great thing about summer is SHOPPING FOR SUMMER CLOTHES! I love taking my little girl shopping for sandals, and cute summer dresses, capri's need I say more.

Longer days! Drive in Movies....grilled corn on the cob.....pistachio almond icecream on a waffle cone, italian ice, getting drenched on a water ride, kicking back on the lazy river at the water park, funnel cake sundaes......these are just a few of the great things I have to look forward to this summer.



Sofia said...

I love summer too. Sounds like you will have a busy one.

melissa said...

I love this post! summer is just so much fun, I love the scents and activities too :)