Monday, May 01, 2006

Today's challenge and more pics from dd's competiton

Here are the rest of the pictures from Jaree's competition. she looked to tootin cute~

If I could spend the entire day with someone. I would have to choose my husband. He works so much, and he has to juggle time between me and the children. I would love to spend the entire day with him...KID FREE of course. Snuggling and holding each other. I love him so much and there is no other company that I can think of that's better than being in the company of my dh. Love him to death~

Also, I am glad to report Jaree is happier than ever because her brothers are back home and spoiling her rotten!



Vee said...

how cute is she
love that she is cheering
great fun sport
thanks for commenting on my blog girlie

Adrienne said...

CUTE CUTE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!

em said...

I know I have said this a million times, but your daughter is just so adorable!!!

Bonzairn said...

Most Precious pictures!

ti said...

adorable photos... scrapping any soon?