Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer Activities and other ramblings

Summer is right around the corner. What are some of your fave summertime activities? What do you enjoy and just can't wait for during the summer months? share your summer passions!

The second most wonderful time of the year! LOL Wow, can't believe it is right around the corner. Some of my favorite summer activities include swimming! I am a great swimmer, and so are my children and we are always at the local pool swimming. Atleast, 5 times a week! Another favorite past time is picnics. We usually picnic at the park, the beach, or downtown Chicago at Millenium Park. We make sandwiches, bring fruit, chips, cookies, and juice and have a great time! Another thing we do in the summer is WATER PARKS! My husband and I are big kids at heart. We go atleast 8 times a year. We also go to Six Flags every summer! Get on every roller coaster and all of the water rides! Summer is a time, where we grill alot. I love a great bbq! We spend most of our time outdoors, which makes for a clean house! LOL This is also VACATION time, this year we will be spending our vacation in Wisconsin Dells and Cedar Point. We usually take two a year. Seems I shop more in the summer months. The malls are airconditioned, what can I say, I am drawn I love summer, my favorite season is Fall, but I love summer too!

Today I cleaned my room, next goal is to get in my closet and purge all those size 6, 7,8, and 10's Lord knows I am never getting back into them. I might hang on two the 10's. I am a size 14/16 and boy looking at those size 6's are depressing! The kids were out of school today. They are all hanging out at dunkin donuts with friends. I have the house to myself. I am testing out my new highspeed internet thru COMCAST, sbc sucked royally. Might as well, had dial up. Dh is at work, he will be getting home real soon! Yipppeeee!

Had an excellent mail day. finally got my Jenni Bowlin Kit. It arrived on my door step today. I have to say I am loving my scrapologie kit much better, seems like I get more bang for my buck! Adopted that saying from Mrs. Lisa Bearnson her

Well, I am off to go see what I am cooking for dinner

Until next time....



melissa said...

wow sounds like a wonderful summer plan! Here in AZ we do a lot of swimming and bbq's too. ;)

yay for mail! isn't it so great when you have a good mail day? :)

em said...

I know what you mean about the clothes...I have been holding on to a lot of stuff that I just don't think is ever going to fit me anymore!!! But...we can dream, right!!

paige said...

we got a pool last year, so the kids and i will be in it all summer. very good entertainment. plus it plays them out! i love to grill out in the summer. its too hot to heat up the kitchen. i love working outside too in my yard. we went to the drive in tonight, for a movie. it was fun, but cold!!i like sleeping in too. i dont have to get the kids up for school!!

paige said... be a size 6 again. i would settle for a 8 or 9 at this point. i am about a 16 too. i am going to start walking this week, and eating better. its easier in the summer to eat healthier, because of all the roadside stands of fruits and veges, that we have here in PA. i dont want to become diabetic. i might join weight watchers for support.