Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Color Purple

For as long as I can remember, Purple has been my color of choice. I am drawn in by this color. My room is Purple and mint green....I have tons of purple pillows, purple bed sheets, alot of my accessories inside my room are purple, I have purple teddy bears, when I buy journals they are all purple. I just adore this color. To me it is the color of richness and royalty. In fact in African Cultures, the color purple is the color or royalty! I don't know maybe this is inherant. I can't walk pass the color purple without noticing it. Whether it be a field of purple wild flowers or a purple candle.

It's funny because I don't own alot of purple clothing! I guess I love to accent with this color! I don't even use alot in my scrapbooks! Isn't that weird?

When I was a young girl My entire room was lavendar. I had a white canopy bed, and it was draped with purple sheers, my comforters were lavendar, my pillows were lavendar, all of my wall art was purple and lavendar....Now that I am a BIG GIRL...its PURPLE all the more cutesy



Sofia said...

I love the combination of pruple and light green together. :-) TFS

Adrienne said...

I like purple, but I don't scrap with it much. There is a lady that I work with..she wears purple EVERY DAY. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! LOL

melissa said...

pinks is my favorite, but purple is pretty too. :)

smkh1117 said...

I love purple too! When I got married I put purple pillows on ym DH's ugly couch. He freaked, boys are so weird. Thanks for the comment! Today I wish I could sleep too much!