Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's a beautiful day

Wow, I got up this morning and the sun was shinning bright. I looked out and it looked beautiful, not a cloud in sight (thank God!) My dh, dd, and I went to Swap-o-rama (big ole flea market) to find dh another cd holder, for his music. He's a dj. I am such a purse addict. I found the cutest Louis Vuitton in light blue and gold, and the cutest little pink channel purse. I was so geeked. I bought Jaree a silver Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet and also a bubble gun. Why o Why, did I do that? I almost bust my a$$, because she chose to blow them in the house! I could have killed her.

I am going to Archiver's today! Wohooo! I am going to get Designing with Type. You know I am a big idea book addict. I am also looking for this Gin X paper I fell in love with and just have to have. I know I am going to come home with a crap load of stuff! But, hey its a girl's right.

Today's challenge was what size picture do you like. Well, I love 5x7 photos. I love scrapping them! I also love 4x7. As far as portraits my favorite size is 8x10!



Adrienne said...

Have fun! Tell me how you like the designing with book......

Bonzairn said...

So how is that book? Sounds like you had a GREAT day enjoying this lovely Chicago Spring Weather... It is truly BEAUTIFUL out!