Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's talk favorites...

These are a few of my favorite things....
Fave coffee: Not a coffee drinker..but love French Vanilla Cappucchino
Fave tea:Luzienne's tea
Fave jam: Welch's
Fave Peanut Butter: Dkippy
Fave sandwich: Wreck American from pot bellies (ham, turkey, and salami on a toasted french bread with the works even hot peppers...yummy)
Fave fast food item:Tostada suiza's
Fave appetizer: Hooters Hot wings
Fave summertime drink: Kool-aid duh Tropical punch or REd(as my children
Fave fruit: Fave vegetable: Greens
Fave indulgence: Scrapbooking, shopping for scrapbook supplies, purses or shoes....what else is there? lol

Bonnie I totally loved this challenge!



Adrienne said...

LOVE wings from hooters!!!!!

BonnieRose said...

loved your answers dana!.. and great about the scrapologie kit.. I took a look it looks soo great, wish I could afford it...