Thursday, May 03, 2007

Out and about

Out and about already....

Today dh is off and we got up early dropped the kids off and hit the streets. First we went to the Robbins swap. It's a flea market, and dh bought some music of course. And who can resist the sock man, 16 pairs of socks for 5 bucks. Priceless! Then we went to Borders......oh how do I love Borders. Of course I bought some magazines. Finally broke down and got Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking, Scrapbook Shortcuts, and the latest issue of Papercrafts. They had some really cute pens, did I mention I am a pen freak....I bought two. Then off to Panera Bread, where dh met up with a dj friend. He started his own little company called plug one dj's and he is so serious about it. you should see him. Didn't know DJing could be so SERIOUS....LOL.

While he is consumed with SERIOUS BUSINESS, I stole his laptop and guess what I am doing. YOu guessed it blogging! Checking emails, and doing some serious eating....LOL I treated myself to some iced green tea and cream of chicken and wildrice in a sourdough bread bowl. then I got some yummy french bread. Bread is soooooo my weakness ladies. Bread and potatoes. I can live off of both. Can a man live by bread alone.....I don't know about the man, but DANA sure can....LOL

Today is yet another beautiful day! That I am enjoying with dh. Just not at the moment he is in serious DJ MODE....LOL He gets this silly look on his face when he's serious. ONe eyebrow raised, button lip pushed out. I just crack up everytime I see him!

Ok, now it's time for some serious idol talk. I am glad Lakisha and Melinda were safe! But who do you think it will come down too. Alot of people are speculating that the final two will be Jordan and Blake...... I don't think so. I think it will be Melinda and Blake, because to me, they are the best! I am rooting for Lakisha and Melinda! But I think that she will be definitely going home next week. Too bad so sad.

Did I ever tell you how much I love the show SUPERNATURAL. Those are two of the hottest television brothers on the planet Jared Padelecki and Jensin Ackles. It comes on tonight and guess who will be watching....Dana!

I am going to end with a funny story from last night. Last night i had took my shower, got in my pj's and got into bed. Dh was downstairs practicing his music and I was under the covers watching television. The ring two came on, and I decided I would be a brave girl and watch it all by my lonesome. Jaree came in and it was on the part, where she snuck into the ambulance and looked at the dead boy, while zipping his body bag up , Somara stuck her hand out and grabbed Rachel, Jaree screamed and got the heck out of dodge.....I thought it was funny. Then I was all alone, I kept hearing something at the window, I thought something was outside.....and I got scared and turned it off. That's exactly what I get, for laughing at Jaree.

Oh well, I gotta go, dh needs his macbook back for some SERIOUS DJ BUSINES.....LOL



BonnieRose said...

sounds like ur having one awesome day with hubby, that's so fun! email me when u get home ok? I'm worried about a few things.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

hahahaha, girl i love bread too lol

Trice said...

Ok.. I am in love with Paneras GREEN TEA and pasteries! Whenever I got I must get a large (BIG) cup..