Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My spin on the whole HOF fiasco...

First of all let me say I love Kristina Contes. I think she is a phenomenal scrapper! I have followed her work for awhile now and she's one of the scrapbook greats in my book. That being said, I feel really bad for both CK and KC for the turn of events that took place..

However, in all fairness, I feel bad for the people who followed the rules and were overlooked..... I guess I would be a little upset too.

I think that CK definitely should revamp the rules, as this was one of the stupidest rules ever in my opinion.

Everyone is in an uproar in KC response found here. Some say she was rude, some say she's full of herself, some say she's arrogant, and I see none of those things.

Everyone handles things differently. I feel she gave an honest account of what happened. Nothing rude at all.

I do think this is a wakeup call for CK and adhereing to contest rules. I do believe they will go everything with a fine tooth comb in recent

Do I think its rigged, I think that CK has it favs, definitely, but some of the Hall of famers I have never heard of, so I think everyone gets their fair shot.

Everyone can't win....kwim?

I am very interested in knowing how you all feel about it?

I just think some people are blowing things out of proportion, boycotting Ck, even one lady, said she wasn't going to buy from Hambly anymore, because KC is on their design team. I think that's CRAZY........

Again, I love KC, her book the dares was totally kick ass...

I can't stop supporting CK, I am not going to pass up Ali Edwards, Life ARtist...LOL


Adrienne said...

LOL, girl wow. I dont knwo what to say. It was wrong on so many levels, and CK wasn't fair about it. I love my life artist book! LOL

em said...

I think it's just a bad situation all around. What happened was bad. How it was handled was bad. There needs to be an apology...not an "oh...well...we're sorry...but it wasn't really our fault" half-assed apology like everyone is giving. An honest, we were really wrong, apology. Honestly I don't even care about CK...don't buy their magazine, have never been to CKU, will probably never enter HOF...but I do understand why people are angry!!

toners said...

This is a tough one - I believe that wrong was definitely done, and I don't think KC handled her response very sensitively, but I do think CK are the main ones at fault and should address the issue - soon!