Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

WEather: Cold as hell, cloudy, and windy.....LOL

What a drastic change. Just this past weekend we had 90 degree weather. It was so hot I was sweating bullets. AC was on....and now I need to turn the heat on. That's the wonderful life of living in Chi-town. Crazy weather. I am thinking of CHILI tonight...LOL

Jaree is sick and at home and in mommy's bed. She has a terrible cold and she came home from school sick yesterday. Didn't send her today, because she was coughing so badly and it was super duper cold. It was 43 degrees this morning.....YIKES.

The boys are at school and its just me and Miss Ray-Ray. She looks so pitiful and pale. Poor baby! I hate it when she's sick. She looks so sad!

Today I don't have much planned. PRetty much staying in since its sooooo freaking cold. I am going to the library, Panera Bread, and Borders today.....then coming home to make some chili.

Did anyone watch DWTS yesterday....I was so scared Floyd was going home. I kinda felt sorry for Wayne Newton, however he was the weakest of the bunch.

The kids and I have been enjoying all the good movies on Disney......yesterday we watched Halloweentown 2, I think. It was really good. We watch all the halloween movies on Disney until Halloween.

We are decorating the house this weekend for Halloween. The kids are stoked. Hopefully Jaree will be better by then. I hate to see her sick!!!!

WEll, I gotta go....

Until next time..

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Adrienne said...

Oh no! hope she feels better soon! What is it about OUR bed that makes kids feel better? lol Aj was in mine EARLY this morning lol