Monday, October 01, 2007


I guess you can tell what kind of weekend I had, lets just say I went thru two and half boxes of Kleenex is less than 24 hours.... runny nose, itchy watery runny eyes, itchy nose, sneezing until I almost pee my panties.....just horrible.

But, that didn't stop me from doing the dummy and going to the club last night, where my poor sinuses were INVADED by cigarette smoke. I so should have stayed home, but besides that I had a good time.

Aj, the little boy I babysit is soooooooo bad yall. I have never seen a boy so busy. He is here now and the little time it took me to post I had to say don't do that Aj, 5 times. Busy little boy....LOL

Pray for me!

How in the world do you get rid of fruit flies, we have been invaded by a gazillion, turns out someone put the potatoes in the cabinet instead of the fridge and I went to open it and I felt like I was plagued or something, they seem to keep multiplying, I mopped with vinegar, I cleaned the area where the rotted potatoes were with bleach and vinegar. I hate bugs Please help!

Today, we are going to the movies to see REsident EVil......can't wait. What are you doing today?



Adrienne said...

I got this from a blog, but can NOT remember who it was:
Take a small water bottle fill with about two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Make a small funnel with a piece of paper insert it into the top. The fruit flies go down the funnel, and can't get out. Trapped! You then can either take the water bottle outside and let those little flies go, or you can put the lid on the bottle and throw it away.

She said it really works....

BonnieRose said...

hope u feel better gf.. and i'll be praying u for the bug fun! Hugs, I miss yoU!

Michelle said...

Ooooo! I sympathize with you on the allergies! They can get bad. I hope you feel better!!