Monday, October 15, 2007

The fun is over.....

After a whirlwind weekend....It's back to the grind.

I had a blast this weekend. First Friday dh and I went out with friends for drinks and laughs. Total blast. Saturday, we went bowling with the family and Jaree did better than I did. Then we all went to TGIF for dinner. Sunday, my bil and his family came over and we watched movies and ordered in pizza. Now it's back to the normalcy, which is all good.

My nephew Ezra came along with my bil and his family. Ezra is really a tough pill to swallow, but he's a kid nonetheless. Well, my bil's wife does not like Ezra (dh's sister's son), and its so obvious. She kept yelling at him and arguing with him. Helllloooooo, you don't argue with an eight year old. I told dh about it and he noticed it too. I just told Ezra to stay away from her and stay with me. Because it was so not cool. How could someone dislike a child? I love children and could never bring myself to be that mean. I thought about telling my sil, but I don't want to start anything....kwim?

In other news, today is dh's last day of vacation....I am so sad. We are just going to relax and watch movies... oh and let's not forget DAncing with the Stars!!! I love Mel B. I hope she wins....

What's going on with you guys, anything fun planned today?


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Adrienne said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Not much going on my way! lol