Friday, December 28, 2007

Jaree's Christmas

According to the boys, this year was Jaree's Christmas. So here is Jaree's Christmas: This couldn't be further from the truth. Jaree just got more quantity wise, but the boys gifts were FAR MORE expensive.

Bee wanted money (alot, alot, alot of money) and a video ipod. Jariel wanted a cell phone, a video ipod, 2 remote control cars, games for his psp, a nerf gun, and the flytech dragonfly....that was not cheap! LOL

Even though Jaree got MORE, she really got LESS...KWIM?

By now I am used to all the complaining, this year I told them if they don't like what they have, we can always give it to charity. They straightened up real quick...LOL

More pics soon!

WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME, it would be that freaking hard to find a African American baby alive doll, went to 6 different stores for that dumb doll, it would be nearly imposible to find bratz life with the bratz dolls, because it's in the electronic aisle, and that I would lose my mind trying to find the littlest pet shop paws off diary because WALMART, keeps it on the end caps, and that the bratz snow lodge ice cream making machine, requires a VISIT TO THE DAMNED GROCERY STORE on Christmas morning. Yes, Jaree drove me crazy!!!!!


Adrienne said...

She racked up!!!!!!

Stella said...

She really made a haul!! That is so awesome! Merry Christmas.

Sarah C. said...

ROFL! Too funny. Yeah, kids forget the cost so who got the most quantity seems to have gotten the "most." DH & I were just talking about how this year we got the LEAST quantity wise, but it was perfect - we got things we really wanted & could use (towels, sheets - yup, we've grown up! LOL) and enjoyed time with family - the best gift of all. :)