Friday, December 21, 2007

Ups and downs of winter

Had a slight break I decided to blog! Another one of my goals is to blog more. I seem to always feel better after I do.

So I am participating in today's blog challenge
Challenge for today is:
What are three things that you enjoy most about the winter season? What three things do you dislike?

Interesting thing, because I always have had a love/hate relationship with OLD MAN WINTER!

If I had to choose three things I love about winter:

1. Time indoors. Time to reflect, to get reaccquanted with family, more time for reading, scrapbooking. Hot chochlate, chili, beef stew, chicken pot pies, (btw, I only eat these foods at winter)fuzzy socks, flannel pjs, and fleece blankets.

2. Snow fun! I love to go to war with kids, I can throw a mean snowball. Just call me Sammy Sosa baby!!! LOL Sledding! Sledding! Sledding! and more Sledding! Building a snowman with the kids.

3. More snuggle time with dh. When you're cold, you tend to snuggle with someone to get warm. Who better to snuggle with, than my baby! LOL

Now there's a downside

1. Driving in the snow and even worse driving in an ice storm. It's horrible, I try to never drive in any of these conditions, if I don't really need to.

2. Shorter days and being cooped in the house with kids. That is why I love summer!!!!LOL

3. The cold, The cold, the cold. I live in the MIDWEST...the windy city. We have really bad winds. Which makes it a whole lot colder than it actually really is...We may have 20 degree weather, but if we have a windchill factor of -8 then that is what it feels like.....LOL

What do you love about winter, what do you dislike?????

What a great challenge!!!! Loooooooved it!

Until next time.


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BonnieRose said...

about winter, not much I like about it.. lol .. I love the warmer weather! Let's see.. something I like about winter?? Warm hugs in the cool of the season.