Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My good friend Adrienne, blogged on this very subject. You can read it here. She had some really great resolutions.

Do I make resolutions? Yes! Do I stick to them? NO!

But this coming year, I really plan to stick to my GOALS, DREAMS, AND DESIRES....
Maybe, if I look at it in this light, or using this terminology, I will stick with it.

One of my biggest Resolutions, this year:

Is to spend more time with family. Life is so short. We had so many deaths in the last couple of years, that you start to realize your own mortality. I am a family oriented person, but I don't see my family like I should. I am not speaking of my immediate family, I see them all the time. I am talking about my aunts and cousins. My extended family.

I plan to schedule outings, for the family, atleast once a month. Movies, museums, zoo,dinner, skating, bowling, get togethers at home, things like that.

Life is PRECIOUS, I want to spend mine, surrounded around people whom I love and who I know love me.

Another one of my goals, is to finish my MASTER'S DEGREE. I only have 18 hours. Why I haven't completed it, I don't know. I will take my time, take a class or two, and see how it works. But, I know I need to go ahead and get my Master's. My parents are definitely riding me, about this. LOL

Another one of my goals, is to take more DANA TIME. To focus on me. I am always so entralled in my husband, my kids, my parnents, friends, siblings, nieces, nephews, that I barely take the time to focus on ME. As most of you know, I battle with depression, and I need to take the time to get DANA toghether.

Another one of my goals is to start BELIEVING in myself more. I have alot of THINGS that I am talented in. I am a hell of a writer, I have great business skills, I am damn good BAKER, I really need to get off of my butt, and get my business up and running. 2008 is my year!

Like Adrienne, I didn't scrapbook as nearly as I would have liked too. I will definitely be scrapping more in 2008 as well as submitting, which is something I have never done!

This year, I want to learn to knit and sew.....
My mil says she will teach me as she does both quite well
Watch out Adrienne.....LOL

My last goal is to get more health conscious, I am overweight. I need to lose about 35 lbs. I need to start eating right and exercise. Because I want to be here for my family. Don't get me wrong, I am not severely overweight, because people laugh when I say that, you know to BLACK FOLKS, THICK is in.....LOL But, I know I need to lose some weight. You know when your body isn't right, and I think I would feel alot better about myself if I shed some of this excess weight, I have gained 3 kids later. LOL I don't want to go back to my high school weight, which was 110 lbs. No way. BUT 125, to 145 is right up my alley. I am not trying to get back into the daisy dukes and stretch pants....LOL No halters and tube tops for Dana, but I want to start shopping in the front of the stores and not the back. I am size 14-16 and would love to be a size 10. So I need to do what needs to be done! Stop talking about it and start being about it. So, dh and I bought two memeberships to L.A. Fitness. I am a great swimmer, so I was told that is a great source of exercise, because it works every muscle in your body. We both have personal trainers and we start this Wednesday. I don't want to do it the easy way, I have been to the "fat doctors", where they give a b 12 shot and fat burners and water pills. I dropped 45 pounds in 3 months, and kept losing weight rapidly and started to look like skeletor from Heman, so I had to quit.....LOL This was few years back, but this time around I am going to do things the right way.

So ...now that I have told you my goals, what are yours?

Until next time...



Theresa said...

Great goals and love the "More Dana Time" one best of all. If you think about it, keeping that one will allow you to keep almost all of the others.

melissa said...

wonderful goals Dana! good luck on your weightloss journey, it looks like you are already off to a great start. :)

BonnieRose said...

such a great post gf.. loved it.. i need to write me a post like this.. thks for the inspiration.. LOVE YA!

Sarah C. said...

Love your goals, Dana! What a great list. You can accomplish them all. :)

Jan said...

Those are fantastic goals!!!!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Dana, I am so pumped for you! 2008 will be your year - with a set of resolutions like that and the determination you always show through your rough times, you will achieve every one. I'll be cheering you on, hun! :)

Colleen said...

These sound like great goals and most of them are on my list too, so I do relate! I'll be checking in in the new year to see how you're doing with them! ;o)

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Dana, I was just starting to think about resolutions when I saw your post. So many of yours are the same ones that I have been kicking around in my head. It's good to know that someone else out there shares my same thoughts, struggles and desire to change. Good luck to you!