Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday

Whew, time sure flies when you're having fun!!!!!

This Thanksgiving was a blast. Spent it with family. Good food. Good conversation! We had a blast. Friday we got up at 3am and hit the stores. First on the list:TARGET!!! They had a great deal on Bratz dolls! Next: Walmart had an even better sale on toys. Then Circuit City, my mom bought a 50 inch samsung flat pannel for $799. As if she needs another television. That so needs to come to my house! LOL Mom has it like that though. Me, I have to wait until AFTER Christmas....LOL This one man bought not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE televisions. Somebody's stocking is going to be stuffed to capacity this Christmas. He told my mom they were gifts, and of course one for his self. I told my mom, she should have got his telephone number....LOL

The next stop was starbucks to re-energize. Got myself the usual Vanilla Bean frappuchino with carmel sauce!! Then we went to Crispy Creme donuts. I was in Heaven. Next stop:K-MART, they had a great sale on clothing and coats. My mom bought the girls pj's, cute little outfits, and new bedding. Next stop was: Game stop, my sister wanted the Wii for the kids but they were sold out. Ended up getting 7 games 3 for x-box 360 an 2 for Jariel's psp and 2 for Jaree's Nintendo Ds pink.

So far, Ms. Jaree has the following:

Pampered Pupz Bratz
Winter Bratz
Winter Bratz Ice creme Palace
Winter Bratz kid
My little pony sky adventure
Littlest pet shop paws off diary
Walking Bratz
Bratz Make over
Fashionista Bratz
2 nintendo ds games
Bratz Magic Makeup
Just about done with her, she wants baby alive and digi makeover. Then I am done

So far for Jariel
2 psp games,a verizon juke phone, a remote control car...

Bee just wants money.

I will be finishing up with Jariel next week. He wants some type of flying computerized dragon fly, a helicopter, some nerf gun, transformers, and video ipod. I will be done!

Saturday, I went to my friend Chantel's party. We danced, got our grown and sexy on, and played CLR....didn't win a penny....LOL

Sunday, we went to the Swap-o-rama. Bought the boys some coats, Jaree a gold necklace, that has "daddy's girl engraved, bought the boys some 10 dollar jeans(gotta love the swap) and 10 dollar shirts. Got some mexican corn, ooooh so yummy. Afterwards we went to Tiger Direct, 2 different Best Buys, Circuit City, and Walmart. After my mom, bought that 50 inch flat panel, dh wants one. The picture on my 55 inch projection television is getting bad anyways, so I guess we are due. He only wants a 50 or 55 inch, and they cost a GRIP and a half. He's getting a Christmas and Exa bonus soon. I know where his money will be going. LOL Also, he gets retro pay, a walgreens settlement, and tax time is pretty soon, the money will be flowing in......LOL

We came home and just conked out at about 8pm. That is the earliest I have ever gone to bed, but I was just exhausted.

Today, I am definitely going to sit home and chill. Last week was so hectic, I need to just sit back an kick my heels up.

I will be watching I love New York and and Dancing with the Stars, but you already know that.

I have alot of cleaning an laundry to do, but that may have to wait....LOL

Later taters....


Sarah C. said...

Wow! That's some serious shopping. My jaw is dropping over the guy w/ the 5 tvs - good gracious! Glad you had a wonderful holiday! :)


Lynn said...

OMG Dana, you and your mom were on fire girl! I hit JC Penneys first then Walmart. I then headed over to Circuit City but the line was still out the door and up to the highway!and it was after 7am. So I drove across the parking lot to Modells and got dh the flannel lined jeans he really wanted and some stuff for the boys. By the time I was done there Circuit Citys line was small.
I'm almost done myself. Just need to get a few gift cards and couple of little things for the boys Wii. BTW.... Target had the Wii for $249. by me. I got the last one.

Jaree has some list going there. I'm can't believe that you got all that already! Great job!

I say... sit back and relax. Today is your day!

BonnieRose said...

all I can say is u buy your kids ALOT OF STUFF.. my god.. I don't buy my girls near that much stuff.. yet, somehow, they are still happy.. lol go figure.