Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feels good to be loved!

For the last couple of days I have been feeling like I am coming down with something. Every night my arms ache, my legs, and my back, similiar to flu like symptoms. I mean they ache bad. Yesterday was really bad, not only was I achey, but I felt really weak. I got into the shower and just let the hot water run all over my body, curled up and then went right to sleep. The kids kept on knocking on the door asking me if I was okay. Then dh, took the kids out to eat, so that I would not have to cook. They are tired of left overs....LOL Then he came home and rubbed my arms and legs until I fell asleep. The kids got up this morning and brought me orange juice and a muffin and asked me if I was okay, for the hundredth time....LOL

Today, my arms are still aching and I feel like I am going to get a fever. Dh says I was really warm last night, but today I feel it. I hate getting the flu. It sucks on so many levels.

I told dh to bring me home some Thera Flu. My oldest aka (Mr. Clean) didn't have class today, so he's home cleaning the whole house for me. Gotta love him. I told him he's' going to have to marry a very tidy young woman, or it's not going to work. He is a neat freak, like my mother. Too bad his little sister Jaree didn't pick up this trait.....LOL He's always getting on her about keeping her room clean. She does a good job, but she hates it!

Today, I will be in bed most of the day!!!!!!! I am going to get some reading done, and watch dancing with the stars results. It better be Helio and Mel B in the final or I am going to be pissed. Marie should have left a long time ago, in my opinion.

So long Mr. Wise, I thought he was sorta cute. I am talking about I love New york, am I the only crazy person who watches this. I thought she was going to bring Chance back ..... He's the only one, who can handle her craziness.

Well Guys, my bed is calling....

until next time ....


Adrienne said...

Feel better soon girl!!!

toners said...

Dana, I hope you feel better very soon! Rest up! Oh, and can you send your oldest over here to clean? :)