Thursday, November 02, 2006

Great finds at Hobby Lobby!!!

This is actually a very funny story. I took my son to the dermatogist on yesterday and on the way home I decided to stop in hobby lobby and just look around. Actually I went there to get some rak's for friends and as I shopped for friends, I shopped for myself. It never fails. I am sooo weak! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they had all of the Antique Medley and Love lines by KarenRussell. I have been wanting those swatch books for a very long time....
Okay, I saw these ribbons and I just had to get them. They speak fall.....LOL

Aren't those ribbons yummy. They are by DCWV! There goes my scrapping buget. I only needed a few things for raks. And look at what happened.
Look at all of those swatch books! I just keep looking at them....Finally got them and some of you will be getting some too!
Look at those cute Lil Davis ric rac ribbons... Had to get for you 3 for me....LOL
Don't you just love ribbon. YOu know, a girl can never have enough ribbon!!!

Picked these up for a rak for you one for me....LOL
Chipboard, Chipboard everybody loves chipboard.
More acrylic stamps......they're my latest addiction!!!
These are my fav!!! Christmas by ARt Warehouse
Finally more swatchbooks by Danelle Johnson! I didn't do bad either. Got all of that for a little more than 100 buckaroos....that is NOTHING. I think me likes Hobby Lobby!!! I hardly ever go, I am normally a Michaels girl or Joann's when it comes to chain craft stores, but not anymore....I have made the switch to good ole' Hobby Lobby!!!!
Cya, I am off to go play with my new toys, some of you will be enjoying some of these toys as well......LOL


melissa said...

wow look at all those goodies!

great Halloween pictures of your kiddies too ;)

Kristy said...

Great finds! I need to head to HL!

Emily said...

Dana...I am going to HL tonight! Did you go to the one in Bridgeview? There are a couple of things I really want!!!!! You can email me if you have my email...or comment on my blog, please!!! ;) You are shopper extrodinare!

Barbara Eastwick said...

Too much Ribbon - So little time!!

You're going to have a lot of fun with that gorgeous stuff!

BonnieRose said...

Ohhhhhhhh Dana... can I put my name in for a few of those items? lol I am so serious!!!!!!
OH one favor.. can you plse plse plse get me one of those xmas round clear stampsets by Danelle Johnson?? I have been looking for those for ages.. I really want one of those sets, they are really hard to find online!
That, and a few other things.. I soo sooo want... omg girl... you and I shopping together wud be oh so dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Please do tell which HL you went to - I went to the one in Westmont, Il and they did not have any of the goodies you picked up. Thanks,

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Dana, Dana, Dana! Christmas sure came early for you, girlfriend! I'm loving those ribbons, those acrylics - the whole shebang!

OK, someone get me the name of the CEO of Hobby Lobby - I'm DEMANDING that they open a store within a 30-minute drive from me! The nearest one is like - I dunno - but I've practically gotta pack an overnight bag to get there.

You go play with those goodies, and show us what you make. Have fun - and it's Crafty Friday too!

Heather said...

Oh I wish there was a HL close to us! The nearest one is in way south. Like Rochester or Mankato or something! Beautiful finds Dana!

word sneezer said...

I read your post on twopeas, then your blog, and then went to Hobby Lobby. 87 dollars later... ;-)