Sunday, November 12, 2006

What bugs me

Great topic, because some people have really been getting on my last nerve lately! This list may be longer the Mississippi river.

1. I cannot stand people who think they know everything. It really gets on my nerves. It's sad when you cannot even be open to the idea that you may be WRONG! My dad is such a Mr. Know It all and I used to hate that growing up. YOu couldn't tell him anything, because he always had all of the answers, NOT!

2. I do not like for people to repeat the same things over and over or tell me something I already know. My mom is sooooooooo guitly of this crime. Then, she has the nerve to get upset when you tell her "Mom, you told me that already". LOL

3. I cannot stand people who think that their $hit don't stink. I cannot stand anyone who has a superiority complex.

4. I cannot stand people who overexaggerate.. My sister in law is soo guilty. She always has to add something to the story. Most people would call it lying, but I call it overexagerating.....LOL

5. I cannot stand people who think they can say or do anyting without consequence. If you don't have anything nice to say, then KEEP YOUR DAMNED MOUTH SHUT! PERIOD!

6. I hate FAKE people. Be true to yourself. I cannot stand anyone who is PHONY. Just gets under my skin.

7. I cannot stand wanna be 'BALLERS', you know the one's who drive Chrysler 300M's, but still live at home with mommy.

8. I cannot stand rude people!

9. I cannot stand racist people.

10. I cannot stand ignorant people.

11. I cannot stand people who yell at toddlers.

12. I cannot stand people who try to get over on the elderly.

13. I cannot stand women who go after married men.

14. I cannot stand for someone to talk to me, while I am on the INTERNET....especially, when I am writing on my blog or reading emails.

15. I don't like telemarketers, who act like they know you, just to trick you into talking to you.

16. I cannot stand people who drive slow in the express lane.

17. I cannot stand anyone who does not have a sense of humor.

18. I cannot stand people who like to compare. For instance, my mil can never give me a compliment or accolade without comparing herself. "When my kids were young they were reading at the age of 3", yeah right lady. And my son was flying a plane at 18 months then... She always has to compare what her kids were doing or how they looked with my children.

19. I cannot stand hypocritical people.

20. I cannot stand haters!!!

21. Most of all, I cannot stand any man or woman who does not take care of their child. How anyone can abandon their children is beyond me. Especially if it was not for health reason, being physical or mental health problems.

Don't want to keep going as we might be here until JOVEMBER...i guess you are saying that is not a month, but that is a long time from now.....LOL



toya said...

lol,, are you having a good day? what a list, don't want to get on your bad side, lol, take care girl

Bonnie Rose said...

love your list dana... man, I am gonna do one like that in the next day or 2 when I have more time... trust me, my list cud be that long too...
love your honesty girl.

em said...

Great list Dana. Sorry that you have to deal with people like this. I am totally with you on EVERYTHING! (Some kinda made me the repeating stories FIL is TERRIBLE at this. He will tell me the same thing like five times and it will always be with the exact same wording and everything!!)

Have a good Sunday!

Wife2TJ said...

Great list, I think so many of us agree with so many of those things!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate white text on black.

Anonymous said...

I hate white text on black.

melissa said...

I agree with many items on your list-doesn't it feel good to write it down. ;)

hope you are having a wonderful Sunday

Jamillah said...

You have many that is on my list. I also hate people who are condensending and judgemental. I hate to repeat myself twice. Bless you for letting your peeves out.

............Aimeslee said...

OK, 18 month olds flying planes and Jovember had me crackin' up bigtime. Loved your list. It's a lethal topic alright! ;-)

Heather said...

If you could just add people who chew with their mouth open to the list it would be my list too!! Oh, and anonymous commenters are irritating too. Perhaps we have a troll.

Cindy Andrews said...

I love your list, Dana. I need to sit down and let it "all" out too. I think anonymous posters will be near the top of my list...

Brown English Muffin said...

So I take it either you have a great relationship with your mother, father, mil and sil and the respect your honesty....OR your family doens't read your blog!!! LOL

I hate fake people as well which is why I think above all I love your list. You didn't hold back and told us exactly what you felt and didn't seem scared about stepping on peoples toes.

I hate walking around on eggs shells not saying what I really feel...yeah it gets me in trouble a lot as a lot of people don't seem to like the truth...but at least i am being real and not smiling in your face when I really don't like you!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh and those guys that drive the fast car and live with mommy...who are they fooling????????? :0)