Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Come on over to my place

Well, I must not like too much because I am moving....LOL

Honestly what I love about my house first and foremost is that it is a home! We are a very loving family, we eat together, pray together, laugh together, cry together, talk to one another, and love one another...

When I first moved into my townhome 3 years ago....One of the things I truly loved about this house was the kitchen. Everything in was black and white. Except the floor. It was lavendar vinyl....yuck! So I quickly redid the floors in black and white tile! That is what I am going to miss the most is my black and white kitchen with glass cabinets...

I also love that my laudnry room is right off the kitchen. I can cook and put a load of laundry in at the same time!

I also love my HUGE bedroom. I love my HUGE walk in closet. My bedroom is very large. Large enough to house my king size sleigh bed, two night stands, huge dresser, huge chest and all of my scrapbook goodies.

I love my enclosed deck!

I love the schools that my children attend.

I love that my children are in a safe environment!

I love Evelyn and Dorothy, my neighbors who are 83 and 84 year old sisters, who do not miss a beat. They still drive, cook, and do everything like they are in their twenties. Mind is of full capacity. Dorothy is very fiesty, she doesn't take any crap and will tell you how she feels in a split it good or bad. She is too cute. Evelyn always has a funny joke to tell! She is such a sweetheart. Bobbi their daugher lives their too as well as her son Greg. They are funny too. Love seeing Baby Emma come over to visit! That is Dorothy's great granddaughter and Bobbi's granddaughter.

Love my neighbor Mark, he is so good to my kids and they love him too. He plays football with Jariel, he takes the boys fourwheeling, he is very sweet!
What I hate about my house is...

It is a townhouse, so I am attached to 3 other people. This makes for very little privacy!

I do not have a backyard. Kids don't have any place to call their own. So we spend most summers at the park.

Bertha the beyotch! My neighbor who complains about everything. She is the main reason for our move. She complains about the dog barking, the music, the kids .......she is a miserable lady who lives alone!!!!! I see why she is ALONE!

My carpet, it's burber and I hate it.

The flat paint on the walls. My landlord is soo cheap...LOL

My bathrooms....Hate the tub and floors!

Paper thin walls, let's say I have heard my share of things, that maybe I shouldn't of......LOL

I hate that their are not a lot of female children in the neighborhood, Jaree doesn't have anyone to play with...I feel so sorry for her sometimes!!!

Well, we will be moving from this place.... a place we called home. Just remember a house is built of bricks and beams but a home is built with love and mom used to say this all the time.

It is not the structure that makes a house a home, but it's the people inside. I try to make my house a home, no matter where it is, how big it is, how much room it has or doesn't have, whatever the case may be.....I will make it my own.



Brown English Muffin said...

That's funny that your landlord would use Berber depending on the kind Berber can be expensive!!!

It sounds like this move might be fun!!!

I feel sorry for Bertha...I hope she finds someone one day.

I am so excited to see pics of the new place.

Is it far from where you guys live now?

BonnieRose said...

love your post today dana... even with all ur negatives, ur place still sounds gorgeous! But I can't wait to hear all bout your new digs... you are right... it's the love inside that makes a house a home.. amen to that. hugs

em said...

Your house quote is so sweet! I would love to see pics of you new place when you are in!!