Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I have decided to.....

....really get my priorities in order. I am going to really try my best to stay out of the scrapbook stores and scrap more. Only go if I need something like more glue dots, adhesive, but it is soooo hard. I am the same way when it comes to purses and shoes!!! I am such an impulse buyer and I got this gene from my mom, who will shop over and UNDER and back around the table. For as long as I can remember, my mom shopped all the time. My mother was a very hard worker. She often time worked 2 jobs, NOT to make ends meet, that was not the case. It was to support her fierce spending habit. I remember my mom, used to hide bag in her trunk and then when my dad went to work she used to smuggle them in.... Honestly, I went shopping every single week. My mom had a great job as a supervisor at the RAILROAD and my grandmother's brother owned a very upscale nightclub, for which my mom was the barmaid. She took us shopping on her tips every Friday! Each one of us would get a brand new outfit, a pair of shoes, accesorries that might include a belt, a purse, a watch...whatever. Then my dad, would give me $20 every two weeks for allowance and I would spend it on stickers.....LOL My mom, to this day is what i call A POWER SHOPPER. She has tons and tons of jewelry. Tons and tons of shoes! My dad had to build a closet in the garage, because my mom took all 3 closets in the house, left him with the smallest, so he had to build another closet. I am to some extent like my mom, but not as bad! My mom has A-1 credit, so she can do what she wants. She always paid her bills on time and tried to instill those principles to us..."YOUR CREDIT IS EVERYTHING" is what she always told us...If you can't afford to get then don't, there is always tommorrow... Funny coming for a woman who shopped more than queen Elizabeth....LOL
My grandmother loved to shop too. She loved to shop for rich FABRICS! My grandmother used to travel all the way to the NORTH side, to get the perfect fabric. Often times to sew us dresses or to make a quilt, or to make her a dress. She could not pass up a FABRIC store ever....and I am the same way with Scrapbook stores. Honestly this year has been the most I have been shopping since I started. I swear I am not RICH, I am not maxxing out credit cards, everything I spend is CASH! Alot of the times it is money that dh gave to go splurge, birthday money, or money I have won (you do know I have a scratch off addiction too, I have won 500 dollars twice). I am going to get a grip on my spending. If it wasn't for my mom, I would have only gone to Michaels, i have been wanting some watercolor crayons for the longest!!!! I am going to take heed to some of the advice that I have been getting.

I can honestly say for me it is AN ADDICTION. I have to have NEW, PRETTY things! I, honestly can't help myself. I am not even going to drive in the area of another scrapbook store....LOL

I did scrap 7 pages last night!!! I am on a roll. Plan on doing more today! I have about 25 pages kits sitting here from Poppy Ink, Scrapologie, and Jenni Bowlin that I haven't used. I decided that I was going to scrap with my kits. I did 5 layouts with the kits. Came out great too! I am going to start on my Frapp bottles this weekend. The kids and dh finally drank them up. I even drank two of them. the vanilla and caramel aren't that bad!

I don't have any clue as to what I want to put inside, but I am sure I will find something. i am also going to work on my muffin tin. Just gotta go get some acrylic or a gel medium to seal whatever I place inside, so it doesn't shift!

I am starting an art journal......I love to draw! My dad is an artist and I got his genes....I can really draw. Mostly flowers, butterflies, cartoon characters, but I am starting to get back into my painting and drawing. I can do some really cool abstract art. I think Jaree is going to follow in my dad's footsteps, because she is very artistic. The way she uses color is amazing..... I foster this love of art, I am always buying her art kits, sketch books, you name it.

On another note, Everything on the homefront has been good. All the kids are doing ok. Jaree has a terrible cold, that I am watching closely, but other than that everyone is doing great. We are waiting to hear back from the lending officer to see if homeowners accepted the contract it was contigent upon appraisel. Haven't heard anything yet. I still have my fingers crossed. I have to get my SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!! Lord knows I need one......LOL

I will keep you posted the moment I hear the news!!! I am trying to stay positive but this is really NERVE WRACKING....

Today I plan to do a load of laundry. Fly girl suggest that you do a load a day. Get in the habit of doing a load a day! I am going to clean the kitchen and wash all the floors. Organize a few thing in my scrap area in my room. Prepare dinner and kick back relax and read my many idea books I have gotten over the last week. I have been really enjoying ALPHABETICA!!! Wow, I am blown away at the talent. This book totally rocks! I still have about 6 more idea books to read and I still have not read Dec. CK. So I plan to catch up on my reading. I also need to finish my book Dirty Red, by Vickie M Stringer. Bonnie and Clyde are home from school today, because their school is a polling pub. I have to go vote today too! So I have plenty on the old to do list today. Enough to keep my mind off SHOPPING.....LOL

Until next time


Brown English Muffin said...

man I wish I could be you for a day...it would be soooo much fun!!! :0)

BonnieRose said...

Hey dana.. i hear ya re the whole shopping thing.. I'm so like you.. gotta have the new stuff.. and half the time it just sits there for months before I use it.. silly.
I am like you.
Gotta stop shopping.. just gotta.
Let's keep ea other accountable.

em said...

I am feeling like you...I seem to need to buy everything. I've really been trying to not buy new stuff lately (though your awesome posts always make me want to!!). Good luck!!