Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The drama unfolds....

.....Vanita the terrible strikes!!!!! As you know I got into it Saturday with my cousins grandmother.....Well, I get a call this morning from my mother asking me "what the hell is going on?". Now my mother is the last person I wanted to know what's going on....because she has a round about way of telling you I told you so without coming out and saying it...LOL Well, I thought that she was going to talk about the argument Vanita and I had.....OH NO!!! Seems, Vanita called my cousin Cassandra (Diontae's maternal grandmother) to tell her that I had been talking about the family to her, and my cousin soaked it all up and believed it... Instead of her calling me to confront me, she chose to call my mother. Helllooooooo! Am I 32 or 3 years old? What was the point of her involving my FREAKING MOTHER. My mom was soooooo pissed! She is very protective of her children! I mean very protective and she was not so gracious to my cousin Cassandra. My cousin Cassandra is 55 years old and she is a whole other topic in itself. She is sooooo NEGATIVE and she feeds off negativity. Instead, of her asking me what happened, she already tried and convicted me. Which is fine. Because we were never close anyway. I mean I love her and I don't mean her any harm, but she is not someone I would confide in. However, her daughter Cherrone and I are veryy close. It would devastate me if she never spoke to me, but I am strong and would get over it. I mean, I have my own life and my own children to worry about. I cannot concern myself with what people think of me or my children. Make a long story short, we were supposed to be having a big family gathering at my aunt Plump's house (Cassandra's mother and my mom's sister), needless to say, my family and I will not be attending....I do not need any more drama in my life. Whatever happened To Blood is thicker than water???? LOL

I was sooo upset by this earlier, that I have been in bed suffering from a headache most of the day from arguing and listening to my mom rant and rave, but I am ok now. I wear my heart on my sleeve and open myself up to be hurt, because I am a very sensitive person, but I am very strong too!!!! Been thru enough stuff in my life to develop some thick skin, but I still have feelings ya know. I do get hurt, but I am quick to recover. I have a good cry.... A good scream .....a get workout on ds punching bag, a quick run around the block, and then I am alll good......LOL Forgot to add kicking the dog! Just kidding....

Today, was a crazy, crazy day! Still waiting to hear from the lenders for our house, seems the previous owners have only been on title for 31/2 months, and they need to be on title for atleast 6 months or more.... So we are still waiting. I am getting frustrated with it too. Dh is too!! And he is the mild-mannered person in the relationship. I did manage to clean kitchen and wash all the floors. But, I didn't do any laundry, just didn't have the mindset for it.....

Once, I get this house I am going into hibernation...LOL I am going to kick back and relax and just become invisible for a little while. I need some time to re-evaluate and get back on track. I am under alot of stress, but it's nothing that I can't handle.

I'm still hangin in there!!!!

Can't keep a good scrapper down....LOL



Brown English Muffin said...

Have you thought about going to family gathering? Just to show people how mature you are and that they didn't win and that with all the drama you can still handle yourself with poise and grace in public no matter what?

Or would it just be too much of a headache that's just not work it?

And what's up with the new house and this title? Did they just buy and now turned around and selling?

BonnieRose said...

I am praying for you hon.
keep your head up.. hugs,

............Aimeslee said...

ouch, this is family drama for television, right? no, reality show? rofl, just look at them like they are all on Surreal Life, and you are just visiting the house.

and yeah, invisible is good, i've been doing that since 2004 pretty much, it's nice! i just hit 50 this year tho, i was tired, LOL.

keep smiling thru!