Monday, November 06, 2006

Great weekend!

Friday, I was home alone.....the kids all went to my mom's house for the the weekend. I wasn't feeling well, so I just went to sleep. Saturday, my mom brought my oldest home, so that he could go to the movies with friends and dh and I ended up going to the movies to see Saw 3, which was sooooooo good! I love horror movies. Dh and I went dancing afterwards at the club he dj's at and then we went home. My son spent the night with friends, so we had the house to ourselves.....hehehehehehehehehe! That is all I am going to say....LOL

We slept in late on Sunday, the kids came home! My dh went to watch football with the guys and my mom the ENABLER came over. She wanted to go to the new JOANN'S to look at Christmas decorations.....was she nuts! Does she not know my funds were low and that I have no will power when it comes to any craft store?? I told her that I would go, but i had to sit in the car, because I didn't have any money to be spending on scrapbook supplies. She told me "Well, don't look down the scrapbook aisles". This lady does not know me at all.... She told me that she was just kidding and that she had won some extra on the BOAT, and that she was spreading the wealth on to me and my sister. Music to my ears. My mom just did not know what she was in for....not only did we go to Joann's, she had to know ARchivers was right down the way, and we just had to go to Michaels to see what was in there. Boy did I rack up, once again. Didn't feel bad this time, because my mom indulged me.....LOL

I am going to post all my findings later today. I can tell you to run to Joann's they have American craft ribbons by the spool 2 for$3. I ended up getting 6 rolls and some more of that Nancy brand scrapbook stuff....I also got some more ribbon that was 1.99. I went to ARchivers and got some Flourishes stamps, didn't have any, another monogram stamp in A, the Tia Bennett tags and titles, some glitter letters by K and Company, some more American Crafts ribbons, The new Idea book by Becky Higgins Family History, and some more things. I got a few things from Michaels, I got some silk flowers, that I plan to use in my scrapbooks, some new wire cutters, tons of ribbons (mostly in the dollar section), some watercolor crayons, and more stuff...

Then we had lunch...I picked my dh from Buds. Took my daughter out for ice cream, came home briefly. My cousin Cherronne called and said that the whole family was at my aunt Virgie's house. So I hurried over there and we had a great time.....Didn't leave until late! Then I went to pick something up for the kids and I to eat. My nephew Marion and his friend Rodney came by to play
Xbox 360 with my dh (Men never grow up....LOL) and I did a little cleaning (very little) and went to BED!!! I am beat. I had a very full weekend. How was yours???

Stay tuned...I will be posting all of my ARhcivers, Joann's, and Michaels finds later today.....



adrienne said...

Glad you had a good weekend girl!!!

Heather said...

Okay...I'm catching up here...Your mom doesn't look old enough to be a grandma! And good for you for having a date. What a sweet man your husband is. AND I can't wait to see all your goodies!