Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finally pics from our Minnesota trip

These are some of my favorite pictures from OUr Minnesota trip. It so looks like Jeremiah is falling out of the barn!!! Yes we were on the farm. Aunt Trina has a 360 acre farm on two sides of the road!!!

Jaree with cousin Destiny!

They were knocked out on the way home!!!

Four wheeling is all they wanted to do

and jumping on the trampoline and chasing the chickens there are a total of 22 chickens!!!

Jaree posing at Paul Bunyons in Bedmidji

Total zoolander pics

Bee and Kiara

This was at cousin tina's we the kids totally stuffed their mouths with cookies...

I have tons more pics like over 100! Just wanted to share a few of my favs!!!

We had a blast! So peaceful! Total COUNTRY...You have to drive an hour to go to town to do just about shop, clothing stores, restaurants.....Yes country.

Your nearest neighbor is 3 miles down the road!

You just might find a black bear in the yard, feeding off the berry trees....
total craziness...

And if you want to take a shower, you remember that barn, well inside is the shower house!! Very clean! It was different, but I kinda liked it.

We try to visit every other year. the kids love it. they want to move there, but I would go crazy. I am a CITY GIRL!!! 100 PERCENT!!!


Heather said...

How fun! I didn't know you were coming here!? And you know, you could live in Minneapolis! It's not Chicago! But it's a good city! Glad you had a good trip!

BonnieRose said...

great pics gf.. wonderful! Don't forget to sign up for my book networking site here,

loveya gf,

renee said...

I am not too sure about the shower house, but otherwise, that looks fun. I love the country (at least for a little while!)

klcards said...

it is nice to take a trip to the country...and run back to the city when you have had photos!!