Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ikea, Target, and randomness, oh my!

Yesterday I went to IKEA with my mom. I was going to replace some things that had been broken in the move. It never fails. Something, always gets broken when you move. It's inevitable! If it's not broken it's lost! LOL Well in my case, a couple of my glass jars were broken, and 1 of storage boxes was lost. So I went to SIMPLY replace what I lost, since mom was going FOR A LAMP! Wellllllllll, that my were my INTENTIONS. Turns out I came out with more than I had to replace! LOL I didn't do so bad! I got a lamp for the boys, a lamp shade for Jaree, a rug for Jaree, a neat mirrored art piece, 3 jars, 2 medium, 1 large, 2 white storage boxes, an awesome magazine rack for the scrap studio, a hanging storage rack with cute containers that hang for the scrap studio, hangers, a cute metal holder for the scrap studio, some bowls, some glasses, 2 pots, and some other odds and ends. Spent way more than I intended, but NOT as bad as I thought!!!!!

Went into to TARGET with mom, she was looking for some pillow cushions, pillows, and A BUNCH OF OTHER CRAP.....sooooo, I stopped by the dollar spot and picked up some cute little canisters for the scrap studio and some bath towels! My mom will make you GO INTO DEBT, as she LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES to SHOP. The difference is, SHE HAS THE MONEY TO DO SO!!!!! LOL It's so funny, my mom will drive for weeks with stuff that is hidden in her car from my dad!!!!!! What's even funnier, is I do the same thing! LOL

Had a great day with mom, we had lunch at the Golden Corral after our shopping excursions! LOL Then I came home and CRASHED. I was tired!!!!!!

Switching lanes for a minute....

Why do people act like it a REVELATION when the do WRONG! What is the shocked look about, you know what the FUCK YOU DID!!!! That just pisses me off!

and why do people get mad at you for NO REASON AT ALL, simply because you are mad at them FOR GOOD REASON!

Why do people come into a NASTY ASS BATHROOM in Golden Corral AND LET THEIR TODDLER WALK around BAREFOOT! Just TRIFILING!!!!!!!

Why do people JUST LET THEIR KIDS cry and ACT AN ASS, AND HAVE TANTRUMS, in IKEA, while other people are trying to shop in peace. I wanted to just smack the SHIT out of the PARENTS, get your kids in check, they shouldn't be able to act like that in public!!!!!

Why do women wear WIFE BEATERS (tank tops for all those who may take that LITERAL...LOL) that are low cut on the sides with no bra, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR SAGGY ASS BOOBS!!!!!!!!

Why do kids do shit THEY know they will get them in trouble, then TRY to justify why you shouldn't get in their ass....DON'T YOU KNOW ME BY NOW, don't play with me!!!!!

Why is my 16 YEAR OLD SON, FRUSTRATED all the damn time. He doesn't have any fucking responsibilities, he doesn't have to pay any bills, no rent, he doesn't even pay his phone bill, you are totally taken care of, you get every damn thing you want for the most part, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO BE FRUSTRATED ABOUT? That's his favorite WORD!!!! He's frustrated because he's not GROWN, and can't go and do all the things he wants to do. SORRY KID THATS CALLED PARENTING!!!!!

Why are men MOODY, I swear they have a period too!!!!! IT JUST IRKS ME!!!!

And why the hell am I up at 5am typing this crap....

Time to go back to bed!!!

Until next time.......


Adrienne said...

You up way to early! LOL

Insatiable One said...

First off you were up too damn early for this post. go to bed, woman! LOL

See, Target and Walmart get me everytime. I have stayed the hell out of IKEA because the little living room setups they have make me want to completely redo everything I have. Just cruel.

Your son is a trip. It's just teenage angst girl. He's going to be like until he graduates and moves out. Mark my words.

BonnieRose said...

I hear ya gf.. There's alot i cud say on my blog.. but i don't.. just cuz my girls tend to read it.. and well.. There's lots I cud say.. trust me! LOL
loved your post.. try to be happier today!

Brown English Muffin said...

5AM what's wrong with you!! LOL