Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer is in full swing .....

Dance Dance Revolution!

Walks in the park!!!!!


Bored!!!!!!!! Hey he has no choice but to spend time with family! LOL

They love each other like sisters, not cousins!!!!!

Can you tell????????

Woooo! I was scared that thing is so high up!

Jaree wasn't scared, she made it all the way to the top!
Carnivals are always fun!!!!!! Face paintings, fun balloons.....

You get to play on the fire truck!!!!!!

Even dress up like a fireman!!!!! LMAO!!! Jariel is such a good sport! LOL

By the end of the day she had 3 of these two on her face and one on her arm! NO kidding! LOL

Pony Rides!!!!!!

Swimming, even with the pooches!!!!

Cannon Balls in the lake!

Idk? LOL

Leaping into the warm lake water are allllllllll signs of Summer!!!!!
I love Summer!!!!
I love the kids being at home (most of the time that is...LOL)
I love the non-stop visits to the park, the zoo, the museums, the water parks, amusement parks, fishing, nature walks, water balloon fights, bean bag tournaments....we put it DOWN FOR THE SUMMER.

I guess I have to my kids GET SO BORED so easy! LOL

The kids love to swim and not just in the community pool, but MY MOM'S LAKE. ewwwww! I did it to growing up, but couldn't fathom getting in this day in age.....No sirrreeee bob!!!!!! LOL

I have been running like a chicken with it's head cut off since the move. Really not much time to do much, but I make it MY BUSINESS, to do things with my children! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

That is a priority!!!!!

I love going out with my cousins and my girls!!!!!

I look forward to more SUMMER FUN!!!!!!!
We always let our children pick 10 places they would like to go over the Summer. We do all 10.

This year:
White water rafting!!!!!
Brookfield zoo
Shedd Aquarium Oceanarium
Cedar Point Amusement Park, in Cedar Point Ohio!
Starved Rock
Blackduck, Minnesota to do the ultimate 4 wheel riding with family!!!!
Navy Pier Seadog speed boat ride!
Deep River Water Park
Indiana Dunes
Fun time Square!!!!!!

Should be a blast!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for pics of our Summer Journey's!!!!!!!

Until next time!!!!!


Adrienne said...

Great pics!

NancyJones said...

awesome pictures sounds like yall are having a blast!

Reel Girl said...

Fantastic photos and I totally love your blog header.

I want to be part of your family too! Sounds like too much fun!

Insatiable One said...

Great pictures. I want to be one of your kids. LOL

I can't wait to do all this stuff with my little rugrat.