Thursday, June 25, 2009

Helllo blog! My name is Dana, do you remember me?

I have an addiction! I have a couple of addictions, and their names are TWITTER AND FACEBOOK!

I swear ever since I found those two, I have neglected you, MY BELOVED BLOG! I am sorry! I will never forsake you again!

Ok, now that the melodrama is done.....

I have been a busy little bee!
Trying to get this house unpacked!
Keeping the kids busy SO THEY DON'T GET BORED! And kids can get bored easy at least my kids can!!!! They like to GO, GO, GO, GO, ALL THE TIME!!!!!

I am happy that they all have activities to keep them busy for most of the summer! Jaree signed up for a Summer Reading Program at the Library and they have all types of fun activiites for the kids! One of the things I love is the TEEN TWILIGHT PROM! Where the kids get to dress up like their favorite characters from Twilight and mingle and socialize, then they get to watch the movie! They have Lock-ins, arts and crafts, video games, movies on the lawn, and other fun stuff!!!! Jaree loves it!!!!!!!

Jariel starts Football camp soon!!!!!! He loves football and we decided to let the basketball go for awhile (it almost killed Baptiste, LOL) and try football! LOL He starts camp in July! He is so excited!!!!!!

Bee is in Drivers Ed for the summer, he just got his permit so you know what we have been doing! Letting him drive! He needs 90 hours of driving outside of school. He drives well!!!! I can't complain, but not looking forward to what comes next. Mom "Can I borrow your car". He will get his own car THANKS TO MY PARENTS, once he graduates high school!!!!! Which is summer of next year! He wants an Impala. Wonder how long that will last once he figures out how much it will cost to insure it! LOL

Jaree will start Cheerleading at the same time Jariel starts football!! She is super duper excited!!!!!! And I am too! I was a cheerleader from 1st grade until 8th and switched teams in high school and was on POMS!!!!!! So I love that she is following in mommy's foot steps! LOL

I believe in keeping children busy! If they are busy, there's no time to get into trouble.
my philosophy!

I try to keep my children in some type of activity, so that they will have SOMETHING TO DO!!!!!

I was a busy child as well! Cheerleading, gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, karate, day camp, MY MOM KEPT ME BUSY!!!!!!!

I try to keep an agenda of things to do with the kids!
Even when we are at home, I find things that they can do! Like family reading night, family game night, family movie night, Cook for your parents night, we have water balloon fights, load up the super soakers and have water fights, craft night ( usually just me and Jaree), but we do a lot as a family! and I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!

My kids are getting older now and they whine more about the family stuff, especially the 16 year old, but we atleast have to do one family thing a week!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT PLANS YOU HAVE, their is NO NEGOTIATING! LOL


I HAVE NOT SCRAPPED IN A MONTH GUYS!!! I am having withdrawls!!!!
Can't wait to get everything set up so that I can get back to my crafting!

I also want to start some new things thanks TO MY BLOGGER FRIENDS, ADRIENNE, PATRICE, TONI, AND ERICA!!!!!!!!! I am going to try to SEW! Baptiste and I have been looking at sewing machines at Joann's and I am just going to go for it!!!! I have a crazy body type and its hard finding clothes that fit me just right! So this is another reason for wanting to learn to sew. Plus, my grandmother was the best seamstress in the city of Chicago!!!! I used to help her thread her bobbin, and play on her sewing machine all the time!

I also want to learn to knit and bead! As if I need any more hobbies!!! But I do!!!!! Especially sewing and beading!!!!!!

I said this before, but you have to have PEACE OF MIND, to learn and I didn't have that in CCHills!!!! Now that I have moved on......I think it will be easy!

Wish me luck!
This has become much longer than I planned, so I think I will end it with an...



stillpatrice said...

Whoohoo another seamtrist in the making! Hope you take to it like a champ. Sewing is very rewarding!!

Adrienne said...

Glad y'all are keeping busy! YAY! GOne sew girl!!! I agree with patrice, its very rewarding!

toni said...

Now I guess I have to start sewing more! I currently have a crazy body type too and fitting it takes some patience, but I'm gonna figure it out. Get to it. The more hobbies the better. Glad you guys are getting settled!

buttahflychronicles said...

This is my first time here. That picture of your kids in the header is great, I love it, it's a classic. Hope you have a big print of it up on the wall.